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Tips for hanging and installing vinyl banners in various locations

A perfectly designed banner can put your audience off if it isn’t hung correctly. Without the proper finishing, your banner won’t give the turnaround you expect from potential customers.  

So, when you’re finished with the designing part, it’s time to make sure that the vinyl banner is hung up properly. You’d want it to be visible, and secure, and transmit your message clearly to your target audience. What your vinyl banner showcases are only half the story. The rest of the picture depends on how you hang your banner for a complete effect. 

In this vinyl banner installation guide, we’ll be focusing on some important tips that help to hang your banner effectively and make the most out of it. 

Inside Installation 

Hanging banners inside means you don’t have to worry about weather-resistant tools and hanging material. Simple adhesives like hooks or grommets can work well to display your banner effectively. Let’s look at some top ways to install a custom vinyl banner inside any space. 

Velcro Strips 

Hook-and-loop fasteners, also known as Velcro strips, are small adhesive pieces of fabric. They’re primarily used to attach and detach banners easily. Velcro strips have two sides: the hook and the loop. The hook side has a rough texture while the loop one has a softer texture. 

When pressed together, the hook side attaches to the loop to create a strong bond. The strips can be used to glue onto the banner and attach the vinyl banner to a pole, wall, or any surface. Thus, they serve as a great option for banners that need to be set up and taken down frequently. 

Suction Cups 

Suction cups are a great alternative to Velcro strips. They’re small, circular tool that comes with a vacuum-sealed base that helps attach your banner to a smooth surface like a window or a mirror. 

They’re very lightweight and easy to install as well, making them a convenient option for temporary banners. It’s also important to note that the suction cups are strong enough to carry the weight of the banner. You can also wet the suction cap before attaching it to make it extra secure. 

Cables and Hooks 

Your custom vinyl banner needs to be displayed properly, and using cables or hooks for this purpose is a great option. You can utilize these tools when you want to hang a banner from a ceiling or overhead structure. The cables can be easily adjusted to change the angle and height of the banner, while the hooks help make the attachment and detachment process easier. 


Magnets are a great option for attaching banners to metal poles or metal walls indoors. They also help to reposition the banner without leaving behind any marks. 

Banner Stands 

Banner stands come in different types including retractable banner stands, telescoping, L-frame banner stands, and much more. They’re also easier to transport and give a professional look to the banner. 

Outside Installation 

Hanging banners out in the open comes with different prerequisites. You have to take care of different things when it comes to handling the banner properly. 

You should always measure the space where you want to hang the banner. Make sure that the banner is appropriate for that specific area. You also need to make sure that your attachments are durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Lastly, you’d also want to consider any obstacles like buildings or trees that may overrule the banner’s visibility. 

Bungee Cords 

Bungee cords are elastic cords that are great for hanging a banner outside. They stretch the cord to create tension that helps to keep the banner in place. They’re great to withstand windy conditions. All you have to do is to pull the cord through each grommet and loop it with the hook to attach it to any surface. 


Nylon ropes are another great option for displaying banners. You have to thread the banner through the grommet and make sure to even the rope to evenly distribute the weight. Tie the rope to the hook on your surface and your banner is all set. 


Carabiners are just like hanging clips. You have to just pass it through the grommet and attach it to the anchor. 

Zip Ties

Zip ties are expensive and very easy to use. They have small, plastic ties with a ratcheting mechanism that helps secure a banner to a surface like a wall or people. They’re really great for outdoor events. 


If you’re looking to hang your banner properly, our team can help you. We make sure to use the right tools whether you want to display your custom vinyl banner inside or outside. 

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