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Tips for Custom eCommerce Website Design

Ecommerce is a growing and demanding field nowadays. It simply refers to electronic commerce where local and global businesses can sell their products and services to customers. It provides a digital platform to merchants to shift their brick-and-mortar setup to online stores. Many local merchants prefer the traditional way of trading over online store business. They have well-established branded shops with a strong reputation among customers for years. Their ancestors had invested money to start a small setup that has grown to a huge local brand store.

They have their fixed customers who visit and buy stuff from their shops. These merchants have built a close bonding and friendly relationship with their target audiences. Their audience comes over to their shops and purchase products from them. The transaction is all physical and hand-to-hand. They have single or multiple physical stores in a downtown location of a city, and they do not need to go online.

However, there is a need to change the mindset. Many businesses realize the importance of eCommerce and have set up their online stores to run it successfully and earn incredible money. Creating a custom eCommerce website design is simple and takes no time for users.

Here are valuable tips for designing an eCommerce website for businesses:

Fast Speed Loading

The speed of a website matters when it comes to eCommerce design. eCommerce websites should have the super-fast speed to load a website quickly. It is an integral feature that helps increase visitors and generates higher traffic and lead conversion. A slow-loading website does not work in the eCommerce industry. It causes a bad impression on your business.

Smooth and Intuitive Navigation

When designing an eCommerce website, navigation is of utmost importance. It allows a buyer to smoothly navigate through a website and connect from one page to another. The navigation of eCommerce must be seamless and creates a continuous flow from one page to another. It should have a user-friendly navigation layout design to boost visitor traffic to the website.

Clean and Simple Website

A cluttered website is not appealing to anyone. Nobody wants to visit a messy website that is disordered and chaotic. Simplicity is the best solution to building a custom eCommerce website design for customers. Everybody loves to visit a clean and simple website that is easy to navigate through by visitors. A straightforward website is the center of attraction for a global audience. It appeals to everyone and increases more visitors.

Ease of Check Out

Checking out is one of the most crucial things in eCommerce website design. It must be proper and simple enough to complete the buying process. Otherwise, buyers will quit in the middle of the purchase and causing a bounce rate to the website. eCommerce stores must keep ease of payment modules with a singular payment system. It is good to have fewer options of payment for ease of selection.

Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Web Design

It is a necessary step for an eCommerce website design to be mobile-optimized. An e-store must be responsive to the customers. Visitors should interact with an eCommerce web design and perform several actions on it.

They must navigate a website and go through products to buy them. Besides being mobile responsive, an eCommerce website design should be accessible to multiple cross-browser compatibility platforms.

Colors, Fonts, and Typography

Colors add beauty and charm to the eCommerce website design. They bring life to the website and enhance the layout features. An eCommerce website uses a great mix of colors and shades to display an appealing look to the audience. It also includes fonts and typography. Typography intensifies the value of content. It beautifies the text with a unique and artistic style.

Product Images and Videos

Images are the essence of eCommerce website design. It enhances the value and demand of products and compels visitors to buy them. Product images must be relevant to the product and should have a standard height and width in screen pixel size. Videos promote the products and advertise them to global customers. Moreover, the quality of products should be exceptional to capture the attention of the target audience.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are helpful and beneficial tips for custom eCommerce website design. It slightly differs from an ordinary style website by adding more products for customers. Products are the core value of an eCommerce website that must be clearly visible and accessible to the buyers. Designers must show their sense of creativity to design a dynamic and vibrant eCommerce website for the target audience. It should boost the sales of e-stores and drive lead conversions.

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