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Tips for Creating a Video Resume

Creating a video CV to send to potential employers but feeling stumped on what to say? Make a strong first impression by submitting a video resume instead of a traditional one. Create a well-organized video résumé in place of just writing about yourself and your qualifications.

Learn more about how to be hired by watching our sample video resume script.

  • What is a video curriculum vitae?
  • What should your video resume script include?
  • Professional video resumes script tips

What is a video curriculum vitae?

A video resume is a short, pre-recorded video addressed to the employer by the candidate. Similar to a standard PDF resumes style, they typically highlight the applicant’s experiences, talents, hobbies, career background, how they can benefit the organization, and why they desire the position. Video resumes offer a personal touch to any application and make it much easier for job seekers to express their professional objectives and personal tales.

Even if video resumes are not widely used yet, they are a wonderful supplement to the traditional paper resume and CV. Upload the video resumes to the internet, embed immediately via email, share a direct link, or see via resume gators Share Pages and social integrations.

There are no restrictions on who can construct a video résumé, whether they’re searching for a trade, office, or creative position.

What should your video resume script include?

A well-written script is required for your video CV. They will improve the flow of your video resumes, making you feel more prepared, and aid in the creation of a design and schedule. So, what should your video resume script include?

Examine our six basic methods for writing a professional video resume script.

Construct a brief introduction.

Before you record your video CV, you should first develop an elevator pitch. Your potential employer does not have hours to view video resumes, so attempt to convey your message in less than one minute. Keep your elevator pitch concise, informative, and filled with personality.

Put yourself out there.

Introduce yourself to the prospective employer prior to discussing your qualifications. Introduce yourself, the position you’re seeking, and your motivation for creating a video CV. Even if you are studying or transitioning between professions, you can reveal your present employment.

Describe your work history in detail.

If you have professional experience in a particular field, describe your skills, strengths, and how you’ve conquered challenging situations in the workplace. Employers will certainly ask you related questions; therefore, it is preferable to begin with your professional experiences. Just avoid becoming too personal, as they are not interested in your life story.

You shouldn’t bring up any of your previous employers.

Avoid discussing any previous professional links. Avoid discussing former coworkers and managers. Instead, discuss how you work well with others and are a team player.

Please select language that is appropriate for a professional setting.

When preparing the script for your video CV, use language that is professional and workplace appropriate. Adapt your script to the position or organization for which you are applying. When engaging with the public, a less formal style is appropriate. However, if you are seeking a corporate position that requires exact wording, avoid using slang and remain professional.

Use bullet points when writing the script.

Sometimes, word-for-word reading can result in a lack of compelling eye contact. Use bullet points to emphasize the keywords and abilities you wish to discuss. They encourage you to maintain eye contact and reveal your actual nature said by resume matics.

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