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TikTok For Bloggers: How To Grow Your TikTok Account

Use new TikTok features whenever they are released. (That statement applies to all social media platforms.) Utilising new capabilities will increase TikTok’s distribution of your video, enabling you to connect with more users. Repurpose your TikTok content for Facebook and Instagram Reels, among other media. People will find you on TikTok if they watch and love your videos then tryout here the same to remake your reels.

Follow and tryout here the tiktokstorm trends you notice on the For You page. When the same content appears as you go through the videos on the For You tab, you’ll know something is popular.

TikTok posts four to eight times daily.

On TikTok, you should post four to eight times per day. You have a great chance to connect with a variety of audiences when you post that frequently, which will hasten the growth of your account.

Make sure the TikTok content you submit each day is diverse. You might occasionally instruct your audience on a task relevant to your expertise. You might be funny at other times. You could dance if you’re skilled at it. What best suits your personality, target audience, and objectives are up to you.

Create Your TikTok Trend

Creating your dance, song, or other trends that suit you is another option you have on TikTok. It may result in millions of others following the trend and tagging you if you’re fortunate enough to have prominent artists pick it up. Then, the next thing you know, you’re famous on TikTok.

Post Live Videos every day on TikTok

Accounts with at least 1,000 followers can use TikTok Live. Go live every day if you have access. You have the chance to engage with the TikTok community through live broadcasting. You can converse back and forth with viewers, which is not possible with conventional videos.

Make a TikTok video series.

Make a series of TikTok videos that relate to your area of expertise and are to your audience.

If you’re a master organiser, your opening 15-second clip might instruct viewers on arranging their homes. By establishing it as the first in a series, you’ll give viewers an incentive to return the following day to see the second video. And if someone views the third video first, they’ll have a cause to revisit parts 1 and 2 if they choose. Now that they’re binge-watching, you get a new fan.

Create Stitch able Content

Why does that matter? A contributor adds their content after a piece of content you’ve created by taking a small portion of it.

Tell me you’re a small company owner without telling me you’re a small business owner, for instance, is a question I pose in one of my TikTok movies. The first segment of my video will then be taken, edited, and supplemented with someone else’s material. Then, their brand-new video will show up on their TikTok profile.

Viral Duet Videos

Perform a duet to a popular TikTok video. People enjoy watching how viral videos are received. I’ve done it numerous times and used it to garner new supporters.

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