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This is the Right Way to Clean Your Glass Windows

This is the Right Way to Clean Your Glass Windows

Windows allow us to look into another world; they may open up to the view of a blooming garden, a sea, or a street side. Such is their place in our lives that we even have slangs and aphorisms related to the windows – If a window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shades. And today, you’ve got the opportunity to learn something about window cleaning. 

Most of us do not know how to clean the windows. In an attempt, we often leave marks or scratches. Over time, this defiles the surface of the windows. Consequently, the overall look of the house falls down. So, before you bring in those beautiful windows, get a bit of wisdom about how to clean the glass windows the right way.

What not to do when cleaning the glass windows

About every little thing, there are dos and don’ts. Today, we are going to tell you what not to do while cleaning your windows.

  • Don’t start cleaning under the scorching sun; this will dry out your cleaner on the windows, leaving stains.
  • Don’t spray the cleaner over dirt and dust; take a cloth or brush and clean off the dust beforehand.
  • Don’t be stingy when it comes to the cleaner. Use enough cleaner; this will dissolve the dust and give you a crystal-clear shine. Look for free Shopify alternatives to save yourself some money on the same.
  • Don’t use an old dirty cloth to wipe off the glass. This will leave more dirt back on the windows.
  • Don’t clean all your windows in a day if you have a bigger space. You may divide the space over a few days.

These things will surely give you comfort and clean windows. Now, it comes down to how to clean the glass windows.

How to clean the glass windows without leaving a scratch?

The most common problem that people face after they are done cleaning their windows is that the dry streaks stay there. One reason for this is not taking care of the don’ts given above; another reason is the wrong way to clean. 

Follow these steps and you’ll find that your windows look brand new.

  • Start by removing your curtains and putting them in for a wash. Next, take a vacuum cleaner, duster, or cloth, and start removing the dust from the windows. Don’t forget to clean the blinds.
  • Now, spray your window cleaning solution on the glass and give it a soft wipe using any microfiber cloth, lint-free towel, or a window cleaner. Window cleaners are good for taller glasses. You may find any quality cleaner from stores and websites dealing in home and garden
  • If you don’t have a ready-made spray, you may make it using some household ingredients. Take 2 cups of water, half cup of white or cider vinegar, and 1/4th cup of 70% rubbing alcohol. This will work well for your glasses.
  • Squeeze the water away and repeat the steps until you find your glasses to be sparkling. 
  • Leave the glasses to dry off and remove the water on the floor. 

You do not need to reach your windows every other day. It is something that we do maybe a few times a year. You don’t have to be lazy and sting when you do this. When your windows shine, your emotions shine, and so does your personality. 

Cleaning textured windows is fairly easier than cleaning the plain glass windows. This means extra care. Always buy the proper tools and products. Buying a harsher solution can leave stains on your glass. This is something you’ve to be careful about. 

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