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Things you need to avoid using your Twitter account

Things you need to avoid using your Twitter account. We all know that Twitter is one of the sensitive platforms. And I will explain to you what I mean by that. You will also know what’s the point of avoiding these as well. Keep reading to know more about them. I’m going to talk a bit about it as well. This is one of the important marketing topics we need to know.

There are different things about social media platforms. However, I would like to talk about some of the Twitter stuff. This way, you understand a little about it. Because growing and learning is the major key to success. No matter what, always improve your knowledge and practice.

Things you need to avoid using your Twitter account

Just like any social media platform. Twitter has its way of running the platform. Things that happen and how you interact with everyone on the platform. I’m not sure if I can share a lot, but as I mention the things, I will explain more about them. I’m sure many people know about Twitter by now because it’s one of the biggest.

When you avoid these things, it will help you to grow and keep your followers. You can give them a good experience following you. Building an audience base on Twitter is easy, but it can be lost easily as well. So, make sure to avoid these to keep growing.

Maybe you already know these. And that’s good but if you are fresh and new to Twitter. Also, sometimes old Twitter users still get confused about the system. They change a lot of things until today. And changes will continue. You will need to keep learning and improving as soon as a new thing comes up.

Well, I learned these a bit later than I should. Compare how long I’ve been using Twitter. I just recently knew about it. So, I decided to share it with you guys. Maybe someone else who is just like me before. Hopefully, this will help you. Things you need to avoid using your Twitter account.

1. Over-promoting your posts or products

After running a test about why I’m losing followers. I found that it’s because I’m sharing so many times in a day. And when I lowered it. Things changed, and I started gaining more than losing people. And from that, I learned that it’s important for me to limit how many promotional tweets should I do.

Don’t over-promote your posts or products if you are a business owner. Because people won’t like to see their feed filled with so many promotional tweets from you. I understand how it feels because it prevents me from checking other tweets when it gets so many.

I would say the best number is 5 promotional tweets. And include other normal tweets to help to push them to show everyone. Not everyone can see it right away, but if you use this method. It can help to allow many followers to see it. This is one of the best benefits of these things you need to avoid using your Twitter account.

2. Tweeting hateful stuff

Well, this is obvious because no one would enjoy reading hateful comments or tweets. No matter what you do, avoid sharing hateful stuff with your audience. And don’t comment on negative things because your followers can see it. It’s one of the features when using Twitter.

You will lose followers anywhere on the internet, sharing hateful stuff. So, make sure to avoid it on Twitter to keep growing. Don’t paint a bad picture for your followers. One of the things you need to avoid using your Twitter account. Because they won’t support you anymore. And you will be left with nothing.

Share good stuff that can help or motivate your followers. This way, they can trust you and follow you forever. You will have their support no matter the content you share. Whatever you decide, they can still be your true followers. It will be possible only if you build a good relationship with them.

3. Liking inappropriate content unless your followers like it

Another feature on Twitter is when you like and comment on other tweets. Your followers can see it and will know what you did. So, make sure that no inappropriate content or anything they don’t like. It’s one of the things you need to avoid using your Twitter account. Because they might get upset and unfollow you.

Sometimes it won’t show up on the feed, but if you keep doing it. Then, it will be an issue and you will start losing followers. So, make sure to be careful with what you like and comment on. This is might not go well for you and your audience.

Maybe you can watch but don’t interact unless it’s something related to your work. That could be something helpful to the audience. Other people would like that you provide good stuff even through things you interact and they will keep supporting you. However, don’t overdo it because it will be annoying haha.

4. Commenting negative things on other people’s tweets

Well, this is similar to liking others’ tweets. When you comment, people can see it. And you need to make sure that it’s not negative. Once they know you are spreading hateful comments on other’s people tweets. That won’t be good for you. Therefore, pay attention to the things you share in people’s tweets.

Don’t hate others no matter what. Because that would cause you to lose followers. That won’t be good if you want to keep growing. Sometimes things can make others hate you forever. So, make sure to keep your reputation good.

5. Not answering and replying to comments on your tweets

This is one of the things you need to avoid using your Twitter account. And it applies to all the platforms. Even for bloggers. You will need to share, but also interact with, others. People who comment on your tweets or do things. Don’t just keep tweeting and ignoring them. It’s a good way to build relationships with other people.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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