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Unique Things To Do in Dubai & Mauritius With Your Family or Friends

Dubai and Mauritius consist of the completion of activities that you can enjoy with your family and friends. In Dubai and Mauritius, there are many tourist attractions. Lose yourself in the fantastic beauty of this destination with luxury sites, different beaches and much more in Dubai & Mauritius tour Packages.

Unique Activities you can do in Dubai and Mauritius.

Visit Black River Gorges National Park

It is the largest national park in Mauritius and is divided into two sides. It consists of many rare species of plants, birds and animals with large animals like deer, wild pigs, Mauritian flying fox, and many more. You can do many activities like hiking and picnicking in the rainforest.

Canyoning at Tamarind Falls

If you want exciting things, don’t miss the chance to experience canyoning at Tamarind falls. You can partake of Tamarind falls; there are 11 waterfalls deep ponds where you can jump into and fill refreshing.

Trekking at Morne Brabant

It is the most famous and demanding activity in Mauritius. Le Morne Brabant is a peninsula island on the country’s southwestern tip. This site is known for 556 meters high monoliths, green-blue lagoons, sandy beaches and a scattering of palm trees. The best time to visit there is between May to October.

Snorkelling at Blue Bay Marine Park

It gives the best experience of underwater Snorkelling.

Highlights: Blue Bay Marine Park is an ideal place for Snorkelling in Mauritius, where you will get a chance to witness angel fish, damselfish and many others. It is the best place for beginner snorkelling, so the difficulty level is not so high. The best time to visit is between October to December and March to April.

Relax at Flic En Flac Beach

It is a small fishing village in the western region, it comes at the top list of tourist attractions. It attracts people with soft white sand and azure like scuba-diving, sailing, cruising, etc. The best time to visit is in April-December.

Take a Helicopter Ride to Underwater Waterfalls

One of the best things you can do in Mauritius it gives an adventurous experience with safety. You ride in a helicopter to the southwestern part of the island. On a helicopter ride, you will see the beautiful waterfall flowing underwater. It locates on a submarine plateau situated around 150 meters below sea level. The best time to visit that place is between May to December.

Walk with Lions at Casela Park

Exciting experience with the most famous animal. These activities conduct user expertise with safety. The Winter months are considered the best season to have a pleasant walk with the lions. According to an expert/Trainer, Don’t wear bright colour clothes because they can attract Lion.

Desert safari with BBQ dinner

Desert safari is one of the best things to do in Dubai. It gives a beautiful view of the dunes with fun activities like riding or sandboarding. You can also take stunning photos during sunset. It also provides vegetarian and non-vegetarian food facilities to visitors.

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark Tickets

Take a break from the thrills and relax on 700 meters of beautiful private beach. Dive into a fun-filled day with over 30 Record-breaking slides and attractions at the World’s Largest Waterpark. You can also Meet over marine life with more than 65000 marine creatures in the lost chambers.

Enjoy Rides at IMG Worlds of Adventure

It is the largest indoor amusement park in the world. Take a picture with the characters from Marvel and the Cartoon Network Universe that come to life at the IMG Worlds Adventure Park. It is one of the great places in Dubai to experience exciting rides with your family and friends.

Dine at Dubai Marina Dinner Cruise

Experience Dubai sightseeing through the marina on the Dubai Marina cruise. As you sail past, you can also catch sight and photograph some of Dubai’s best landmarks, including the Burj Khalifa. It is located in Dubai Marina, Dubai.

Visit Dubai Frame

It is the tallest building in Dubai. Since its opening in January 2018. Situated at the height of 150 metres, it offers beautiful views of the magnificent old and new Dubai, the glimmering water of the Gulf, and the shimmer of the sands.


There are many things to do in Dubai & Mauritius which you can enjoy with your family and friends. Activities which you can enjoy are Take a Helicopter Ride to Underwater Waterfalls, Snorkelling at Blue Bay Marine Park, and a Desert safari with BBQ dinner, which makes your holiday perfect with roaming routes.

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