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There is no lubricating oil for the car wheel bearing, why is it not burned out?


The wheel bearings of the previous model were easily damaged because the ball bearings used could not be completely sealed and depended on lubricating oil to resist wear. After tens of thousands of kilometers, there will be shortages and cannot be repaired. The method of direct replacement is adopted, so the lubricating oil will not be repeatedly applied.

Now cars mostly use conical bearings and bearing units, which have been developed to four generations. This style can effectively disperse the axial force caused by wheel impact, but there is also lubricating oil, but it does not need to be applied regularly.

The reasons for not burning out are as follows:

After a certain mileage, the bearing rollers will be replaced directly after deformation, and will not be repeatedly smeared with lubricating oil.

It is not that there is no lubricating oil, but the maintenance-free bearing is used, so it will not burn out.

The vehicle has been fully coated with bearings before leaving the factory, so it will not burn out.

The road conditions are good, the bumps are reduced, and the damage to the bearing is reduced, so it is not easy to cause problems.

That is to say, what we can’t see does not mean there is no, but the work has been done in advance.

What is the role of wheel hub bearings?

The wheel hub bearing is one of the components that make up the chassis (suspension) of the car. It is one of the parts that can only be seen after the brake disc is removed.

It is called a “hub bearing” because it is a bearing used in a part called a “hub”.

The role of the hub is to connect the brake disc to the wheel and make it spin.

The hub is fitted with 4 to 5 bolts. These are called “hub bolts” because they are used in the hub and install the brake discs, wheels and spacers for custom users.

Hub bearings are used on the outside of the rotating shaft when the hub rotates.

For example, third-generation hubs have grooved “splines” for mounting the driveshaft. There are also splines on the drive shaft side, so by combining these along the splines, the driving force generated by the power train is transmitted to the hub.

Finally, the drive shaft is attached to the hub with a large nut called a “hub nut”. This is a very important part, for example, the tightening torque for a small car is about 240 N m.

The development history of wheel hub bearings

Generation wheel bearing:

Using the combination of two angular contact ball bearings, the outer ring is integrated, and the working gap is adjusted for one-time lubrication, and the maintenance life is about 50,000 kilometers.

The second generation wheel hub bearing:

The same principle as the first-generation bearing is used, but a support seat is added to the outer ring to improve the rigidity and reduce the stress point of the bearing, and the service life is about 100,000 kilometers.

Three generations of wheel hub bearings:

On the basis of the second generation, the flange connected to the universal joint is added to effectively improve the reliability, and the service life can be used for 150,000-200,000 kilometers.

Fourth-generation wheel hub bearings:

On the basis of the third generation, the ball head shell is added, and the accuracy of the wheel hub bearing is improved. The driving force of the axle shaft and the vibration force of the tire are more dispersed, and the bearing basically reduces the force to the greatest extent while rotating.

Some Suggestions for Extending the Service Life of Bearings

In the process of daily car use, when encountering speed bumps, bumpy and unequal road conditions, release the accelerator in advance to slow down and let the vehicle pass smoothly;

Avoid sudden acceleration and sudden braking. Yes, sudden acceleration and sudden braking will not only adversely affect the engine, but also the moment generated by this vehicle condition will form a reverse force with the body structure, which will damage the vehicle chassis, tires and avoidance for a long time. Vibrators and bearings;

When replacing bearings, even if only one side is damaged, it is recommended to replace them in pairs, because one new and one old, the new one will bear more weight and wear faster; like a half shaft ball bearing, this part is only simple with the bushing Sealed, easy to collect dust and particles, it is necessary to apply lubricating oil regularly, otherwise it will be more easily damaged.

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