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There are 5 of the best Nike SB Dunk Lows of all time that you need to see

The Nike Dunk has become an iconic sneaker style since it was introduced in 1985. Originally designed as a basketball shoe, it quickly became a skate-friendly cult classic. With the Nike SB Dunk, the connection was cemented in 2002. Nike SB has become known for its unbridled creativity and limited run SB Dunks since then. Our Streetwear and Modern Collectibles team finds the best quality sneaker store where have five Dunks SB reps for sale. 
1. Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Shanghai 2

The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Shanghai 2" pays homage to the culture of Shanghai. Rather than the architectural influences of the original 2004 Shanghai Dunk, this pair is inspired by Shanghai's cuisine. Nike SB Dunk Low Pro is based on traditional bamboo dumpling steamers. It has distressed caramel leather and textured side panels that mimic bamboo baskets. A bowl and chopsticks replace the classic Nike SB tag on the tongue. 

2. Nike SB Dunk Low Premium Blue Lobster

This Nike SB Blue Lobster was created in collaboration with Concepts, a New England streetwear retailer. A specked slate and nightshade upper is topped with a gingham “tablecloth” lining inspired by the ultra-rare crustacean of the same name. To honor the traditional method of securing lobster claws, two blue rubber bands are included with the Nike SB Blue Lobster Dunks.

3. Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Reese Forbes Denim

Nike SB Dunk Reese Forbes, released in 2002, is considered a collectible pair. In collaboration with fellow skater Natas Kaupas, the iconic Dunk Low Pros were the second SB Dunks from skateboarding legend Reese Forbes. Two shades of Indigo denim with frayed detailing sit atop a contrasting red outsole, channeling the quintessential American aesthetic. This footwear is pioneering in material and color use. A true original, the Nike SB Dunk Reese Forbes has earned its place in the sneaker canon, serving as inspiration for a new generation of shoes. Not only has the Reese Forbes Dunk inspired the Nike SB Dunk High of 2017, but countless others have introduced frayed denim in their uppers.

4. Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Parra Friends & Family

As part of Nike’s collaboration with Dutch artist Piet Parra, the Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Parra “Friends & Family” was released in 2021. This release was restricted to family and friends of the artist and followed after Parra’s Nike SB Dunk Low “Abstract Art,” which also uses a multi-hued color scheme. Asymmetrical color blocking gives each Friends and Family Dunk shoe its own unique feel. A white leather toe box, collar, and quarter panels are present on both shoes, along with a black Nike Swoosh with a shorter tail. The left Friends and Family Dunk uses warmer tones of pink, orange and red, while the right Parra Friends and Family SB uses cool colors of blue, green and red. Both Nike and Parra branding are present on these Parra Friends and Family SB Dunks.

5. Nike SB Dunk Low Michael Lau Gardener Wood Friends and Family

Originating from Hong Kong, Michael Lau is a key figure in the collectibles scene due to his talents in illustration and toy design, known as the “godfather of designer toys.” Based on Lau’s skateboarding comic strip Gardener, the Nike SB Dunk Low Michael Lau Gardener Wood was released in 2006. This SB Dunk Friends and Family shoe pays homage to Gardener through the dark brown wood-like printed upper and the four “drill holes” on the ankles, representative of the holes found on a deck. In contrast to the official release, the SB Dunk Friends and Family edition has a wood grain midsole. The Michael Lau Nike SB sneakers come with extra laces, special mini accessories, including a wooden hang tag and mini T-shirt shoe charms, all packed in a beautifully finished walnut wood box. Most notably, it comes with a custom vinyl toy, which any Michael Lau Nike SB collaboration would not be complete without. Additionally, the wooden box has laser incisions on the corner, and it opens differently from the retail box.

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