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The ultimate checklist for moving into a new apartment in Dubai

Due to the ability to attract millions of expats to live and work in Dubai, along with the booming real estate industry, it’s no surprise why residents always desire to shift to their dream homes. 

Whether you’re seeking an apartment for rent in Marina or Sports city, moving to another home arrives with its own set of complications. So, navigating through a few procedures is imperative to avoid any future mishaps. Here’s a rundown of the top six pointers to consider while moving homes in Dubai.

  1. Informing your landlord:

The step includes informing your landlord that you’re moving anytime soon since tenancy contracts in Dubai retain a clause where tenants have to notify their landlords three months before the arrival of the contract renewal date. Tenants have to mention that they’re not up for renewing the contract and want to move out. This way, landlords also get enough time to do the maintenance and put the apartment on the market for other potential tenants.

  1. Discard worn-out stuff:

When moving out, there’s no better time to eliminate your worn-out furniture pieces and decorative items. It’s the perfect time to discard them through a reasonable process and get new ones instead. And for that reason, creating a checklist helps to clear such items and to make space for new possessions in your new home.

  1. Determine the utilities:

Imagine moving into a new home after a tiring day only to discover that there’s no running water or that the air-conditioning isn’t working properly. Therefore, checking these utilities before handling the old apartment keys is always suggested. Also, connect with an internet provider a few days after your move since it takes a few days to send over a technician and install internet cables on your property.  

  1. Pack sensibly:

There’s no denying that settling into a new place appears daunting since you’re still making the arrangements for the packed stuff. Often, you might lose or misplace necessary items like the cordless charger or your toddler’s toys. It would be wise to label every item and box to avoid such moments of concern. Doing so will help save valuable time digging through stuff unnecessarily. 

  1. Hire the right moving company:

With abundant residential properties, Dubai is not short on house moving agencies. You must find the right one for you, including the preferable services. Besides transporting your furniture, some even help set up the property. In addition, they ensure a smooth transition and move, so it would be futile to do it on your own. Remember that paying for the services is always better than paying for the loss. 

It’s a Wrap:

From apartments for rent in Dubai Marina to Downtown Dubai, this guide will work out for every occupant in Dubai. Moving to another property is as exciting as it’s overwhelming. Yet, it allows beginning a new life with liberty, but it’ll also be equally challenging. However, a moving checklist will help arrange your tasks and wouldn’t let you forget about undone chores. By the end of the two months, your new apartment will surely become an eternal happy place for you.

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