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The Presidential Limousine and its International Travels

Have you ever wondered what happens to the President’s limousine when they travel overseas? Does the Secret Service take it with them? The answer is yes! In fact, the presidential limo has a fascinating and intriguing history of crossing international borders. Let’s explore how this iconic vehicle travels around the globe.

Why It Travels Overseas

The United States Secret Service takes the President’s limousine with them when they travel abroad for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the President needs a safe and secure method of transportation while they are in another country. The Secret Service also wants to make sure that there is no disruption or delay in getting the President from point A to point B while on their foreign trips. By bringing along “The Beast,” as it’s often called, they can guarantee that the President will arrive at their destination without any problems.

How It Travels Overseas

The Secret Service does not just put the presidential limousine on a plane and hope for the best. Instead, they use specially designed containers or “air-ride” trailers to transport the car overseas. These containers are designed to provide insulation from outside elements such as heat and vibration which could potentially damage or ruin delicate components of the car. Additionally, each container is outfitted with special locks, GPS tracking devices, and other security measures to ensure that nothing happens to “The Beast” during transit.

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What Happens When It Gets There?

When the presidential limo arrives at its destination, it is immediately taken off of its trailer or container and inspected by Secret Service agents before being cleared for use by the President. This inspection includes checking all of its systems such as brakes, lights, tires, etc., verifying that all security features are functioning properly, replenishing fuel levels if needed, and performing other maintenance tasks as necessary. Once everything has been checked out and cleared by agents, then it can be used for transporting the President from place to place during their visit abroad. 


Traveling abroad is always an adventure—even for presidents! Although there are many different things that must be taken into consideration when planning a foreign trip for any president—from security concerns to logistics—one thing is certain: wherever they go in the world, they’ll be riding in style thanks to their trusty presidential limousine! Whether it’s on US soil or across international borders, rest assured that “The Beast” will always be ready to transport them safely from Point A to Point B!

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