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The Potential Role of A/R Follow in Medical Billing

One of the most important aspects of medical billing is Accounts Receivable (A/R) follow-up. A/R follow-up is the process of contacting insurance companies and patients to inquire about unpaid bills. This process is important because it ensures that medical practices are paid for the services they provide. Without A/R follow-up, medical practices would not be able to stay in business. This A/R process makes the practice’s operations smooth and seamless. It helps them to work stress-free and leave all the payment worries to medical billers or A/R followers. It is also required to provide proper care to patients and cover their expenses because it’s important that payments are not delayed or denied.


Medical Claim follow-up

Follow-up in medical billing is the process of contacting patients or their insurance companies in order to collect payment for services rendered. This can be done through phone calls, letters, or emails. It is important to follow up with medical billing services in order to ensure that claims are processed in a timely manner. Claims may be rejected for a variety of reasons, such as missing information or incorrect coding. By following up with the insurance company, you can make sure that your claim is processed correctly and quickly.

Denied claims management

In medical billing, denied claims are those that are not covered by the patient’s insurance. The most common reason for a denied claim is that the service is not covered by the patient’s insurance plan. Other reasons for denied claims include:

• The patient has not met their deductible

• The patient has exceeded their coverage limits

• If service is not considered medically necessary

• The service was not pre-authorized

If a claim is denied, the medical biller from any of the best medical billing companies should first check to see if there was an error in the claim submission. There was an error, the claim can be resubmitted with the correct information. If the claim was denied for a non-coverage reason, the biller should contact the patient’s insurance company to find out if the service can be appealed. If the appeal is successful, the insurance company will pay for the service. If the appeal is unsuccessful, the biller can either bill the patient for the service or write it off as bad debt.

Recovering the delayed payment

A/R follow-ups in medical billing play a vital role in recovering delayed payments without any hassle. These are used by hospitals, physicians, and other medical professionals for getting timely payments. With a powerful team, healthcare providers can easily work on these follow-ups persistently and generate great results. The experienced team of A/R follow-up will be resubmitting the claims by considering the requirements and helping to receive the overdue payments.

Improved Financial Stability

It’s an established fact that a healthy cash flow is required for healthy practices and to provide better care and facilitation to patients. Cash flow is a constant concern for most businesses. And when your monthly A/R is in a slump, it can leave you feeling squeezed. But if you’re making regular A/R follow-ups, you’ll have a better idea of when you can expect payments. This will help you plan better for your cash flow, so you can avoid feeling squeezed during those in-between months. A/R follow-ups help you improve your cash flow by reducing the number of days that outstanding invoices are uncollected. They can work with you to create a customized system to manage your receivables.

No more pending claims

One of the reasons why some claims keep on the pending list is that some additional data is mostly required from the respective person, but due to a lack of follow-ups, there is no awareness of this delay. Here comes the role of the A/R team from an outsourced medical billing company that will inform the person about the requirements & actively speed up the whole process.

Do you need help with A/R follow-ups?

As a matter of fact, A/R follow-ups are quite essential and have tremendous importance in medical billing. However, practices could not pay the required attention to it due to a lack of time & skill. Which results in undesirable outcomes. So, it is mandatory that you hired or outsourced the right resources that understand the nitty-gritty of A/R follow-ups and are also well familiar with different insurance companies along with their policies.

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