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The music is free and your stories are free

The global record industry has gone on the offensive, and who can blame them? With many peer-to-peer networks and Bit Torrent clients, it’s never been easier . for people to get free YouTube music. After the phrase “illegal downloading”, the recording industry youtube claims that. this activity threatens the development of music and artists. But is this claim true or is it a clever business ploy?

Although the record industry has not released

Any factual data to support this claim, there is data showing that. “illegal music downloaders”. spend an average of about 27% on music; spend more by limiting yourself to only “legal” download sites. and paying for each song in advance.

A recent study by British software company Remap Software. itself a publisher of music download apps. suggests that all but the record industry are label as “illegal” producers.

The term “illegal download” is an interesting term in itself.

While most people define “illegal” as any activity that is illegal under criminal law. the Oxford Dictionary says “unlawful.” The difference in audience perceptions of meaning. and the licensed version may be subtle. , but it’s strong enough for the record industry to exploit.

They want you to believe that downloading “illegal” music is “stealing”. In doing so, the record industry reinforces the public perception that. such activity is against criminal law; and all serious consequences of such offence. The fact is that downloading music without paying for it is not a crime in the EU or the US.

At best, the record industry can argue that “illegal downloads” violate civil law. but that’s wrong, too. In fact, if such a legal option were true, any Youtube to MP3 who watched. (and downloaded) someone’s copyright. infringing video could be sue. And so the whole idea of ​​”illegal downloading” is complete bullshit.

In its desperation, the record industry has scraped

The bottom of the barrel and is now starting to sue its customers. But so far they haven’t pressed charges for “illegal downloading”. In both cases, they filed suit alleging that the defendant . “distributed” the music in violation of copyright. They can do this because the whole premise of a peer-to-peer network. is that each user shares their music collection with the rest of the network. It is the “sharing” or distribution that is penalize, not what they download.

In their constant effort to force the world to use only paid music download sites. the record industry. has already “convinced” some universities and ISP to stop traffic. from Bit Torrent and its peers. Could this be the end of free music downloads?

In response to this situation, British developer Remap Software believes that web servers youtube probably have more MP3 files than all peer-to-peer networks combined… and they’re right.

Their free Click star app gives you access to over 25 million singles;

All these can be find and downloaded from web servers on the Internet. Without end users “sharing” their own MP3 collection, Click star is recognize as the first . legal MP3 downloaded.

One of the great things about Click star is that because the MP3 files are download from a web server. and not from someone 6,000 miles away with a phone connection, the download speed is faster. The integrated media player allows you. to watch/play songs without downloading the file first.

Music videos have been around for a long time and have evolved in many ways since their start. Changes and developments in technology and the way we consume. entertainment and music mean that music videos have evolved even further. Here’s a brief history of the music video, along with a look at the future and what to expect.

The first music videos were not the short clips we know today, but a recording of a song. Instead, they are perfect propaganda films. Images of The Beatles and all their feature films come to mind, as well as the dozens . of films in which Elvis Presley appeared. Most of these movies have songs, story and acting.

There was no platform for short music clips,

Although there was a place for movies, and that’s how this channel was use. Live performances then became popular on programs such as The Ed Sullivan Show. Although not produced, as they are only snippets of one song. they are more like modern music videos than commercials.

Then came MTV and the real evolution of music videos began. Now musicians and labels have a platform to showcase their new endeavors . in any artistic form. During this time, videos became extravagant. costing millions of dollars to produce and design.

The video is very well produced and directed and intricate and artistic.

 It’s one of the most famous music videos of all time, the most, and it shows how much effort. and expense went into what was popular at the time. His work with groups such as The White Stripes,

By the end of the 1990s, but, the youtube music video industry was up and spending . on music videos declined. It also coincided with a record sales decline over time. This decline is due to many factors, including new ways to enjoy and use music. such as MP3 players and iPods, as well as free Internet radio stations and. of course, downloaded music.

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