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The most valuable manager transfers in history

Today will be Graham Potter’s first game in charge of Chelsea following the departure of Thomas Tuchel from the London side following the defeat by Dinamo Zagreb on their debut in the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League history. The former coach will make his debut against RB Salzburg at Stamford Bridge.

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Recall that Potter came to the London team after they paid €22 million to Brighton & Hove Albion. This does not give the foot to review the 10 most valuable transfers of coaches in football history.

1. Julian Nagelsmann

The 35-year-old coach moved from RB Leipzig to Bayern Munich after the Bavarians paid a €25m release clause in 2021 history.

2. Graham Potter

Following the departure of Thomas Tuchel, the Blues decided to invest in the Seagulls manager and paid €22 million.

3. André Villas-Boas

The Portuguese coach was in high demand at the time and Chelsea got ahead of everyone else and hired him. They paid €15 million and their cycle was not the best.

4. Brendan Rodgers

The former player went from one of Scotland’s biggest teams to managing Leicester for €10m in 2019. With the Foxes, he was able to display some very good football at times.

5. Ruben Amorim

The Portuguese moved from Braga to Sporting CP for €10 million and is now considered one of the most promising managers in the world.

6. Jose Mourinho

The Special One went from Inter Milan, where he won everything he played in history, to Real Madrid for €8 million with the aim of winning the Champions League but left the White House without being able to fulfill it.

7. Adi Hütter

In 2021, the Austrian coach moved from Eintracht Frankfurt to Borussia Monchengladbach for €8 million.

8. Maurizio Sarri

The Italian arrived at Chelsea after Napoli agreed to €6m to let him out. He left the English team with a Europa League under his sleeve.

9. Ronald Koeman

The historic Dutch defender moved from Southampton to Everton for a figure close to €6 million. He left the Liverpool club without pain or glory shortly after.

10. Brendan Rodgers

He moved from Welshman Swansea City to Liverpool for €6m with the aim of bringing the Reds back into the limelight. He left without achieving the Anfield Road goal.

In the most recent months, Grupo Pachuca signed an agreement with Ajax to improve the work of Mexican talents and of course, export national soccer players to the Dutch team and it seems that this partnership would have already borne its first fruit, because yesterday, during broadcasts of the Champions League duel between Ajax and Liverpool, Omar Zerón, a journalist close to Grupo Pachuca confirmed that a Mexican has an agreement to go to the Dutch team.

Although out of respect for the agreement the source could not reveal the name of the footballer, Zerón stated that it is one of the 3 great jewels of Tuzos, that is, Kevin Álvarez, Luis Chávez or Erick Sánchez and that the transfer has to be made official after the World Cup.

Drawing some conclusions, logic indicates that Kevin Álvarez would not be the chosen one, since Ajax has Rensch, a jewel of the 18-year-old stonemason who is the undisputed starter and they have recently signed Jorge Sánchez. On the other hand, if the Eredivise champion sells Edson Álvarez in this winter market, they will look for a midfielder who will be the replacement for the Mexican and that is where Erick Sánchez and Luis Chávez are the real options, especially the second because we must remember that last week signed a contract renewal that includes a clause of sale to Europe in history.

Although it is true that Marco knew that his position was risky and that what he is experiencing today could happen, the player has shown on many occasions his dissatisfaction with Ancelotti and his lack of minutes, and although the Italian coach has tried to cope with the issue So far with success, it is a fact that each game that happens this will get worse and the best thing for both parties is to end their relationship soon.

For this reason, today Marco, as well as the club and its representative team, are evaluating an exit in the winter market in the absence of defining the terms. In Asensio’s route there would be four excellent clubs for the Spaniard to continue his career, two from the Premier League, Liverpool and Arsenal and one from Serie A, Milan, all willing to pay for his transfer as long as he has a affordable price.

One of the toughest battles expected to arise is for the center forward position. Martino will have 3 options for the center of the attack and has 4 candidates: Raúl Jiménez who has everything to be the starter and the fight for places 2 and 3 remain in the hands of Funes Mori, Henry Martin and Santiago Giménez. However, everything indicates that this battle is reduced to only two, since one of them would already have his place practically assured in the World Cup.

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