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The magnetic motor, or magnetic motor as it is sometimes called, is arguably not a motor at all, but rather a power generator. It’s called a magnetic “motor” because it’s a device that generates electricity from a spinning structure similar to an electric motor.

The device works on the basis of magnets rotating around a drum-like structure to generate electricity, the strong polarity of these magnetas drives turbines to generate the electricity itself.

Perpetuum mobile

The Magnetic Motor is also referred to by some as the world’s first “perpetuum mobile” machine! Indeed, this has caused quite an uproar among the electrical engineers in the community, who agree with the physicists that such a concept violates the laws of physics.

The basis of the argument seems to stem from the claims that the magnetic generator requires less energy to function than it actually produces, thus making it a candidate for a perpetual motion machine. However, this does not seem to convince the “naysayers”, who would object that it is not a perpetuum mobile, but rather an economical source of energy, as the fact that it needs energy to operate at all proves it to “also ran’s”. the hunt for perpetuum mobile.

However, the growing ‘alternative energy’ population insists that the concept does exist and that many people have built their own magnetic motor, effectively drastically reducing their heating bills. Especially in times of austerity measures and state cuts, the term “economical energy source” is important here. Anything that gives the “common man” an advantage over the power barons is welcomed with open arms by the general public .

Undeniable advantages

One of the undeniable advantages of the magnet motor is that it can be built from the comfort of your own home with anyone with some level of DIY experience – apparently. It varies in size and efficiency depending on the magnet motor plans you are pursuing and also the size of the area or building you wish to electrify.

With all the attention today on the state of the planet and how we are going to clean it up; The magnet motor, on the other hand, scores point Magnetmotor selber bauen simply because it does not produce any toxic by-products. Also, no toxic chemicals are needed to make the motor or actually run it, as the magnetic motor itself runs on the cleanest energy we have – electricity!

Solar panels and giant windmills all seem to have grabbed the headlines when it comes to alternative energy sources. However, I think it’s fair to say that both of these power sources don’t do what’s required for something to qualify as “green” when it comes to energy, or indeed any other product that claims to be good for them to be environment.

The concept of the magnetic motor is one we should all be quite excited about, as not only does it appear to be one of the cleanest sources of energy available today; but it’s also one that we can actually build ourselves and put into operation right in our own four walls. This gives us all the opportunity for direct control and huge savings on our electricity bills – if the claims made about this magnetic motor are proven to be correct.

The problems with the Perendev magnet motor and its possible solution

This information is intended to provide a brief overview and highlight some of the key aspects of the various magnetic motors developed by Michael Brady ( Perendev Motor), Howard Johnson ( HoJo Motor) and Edwin Gray’s Electromagnetic Motor. There are various “free energy” devices and some of the extraordinary devices that work as highly efficient magnet motors have actually been awarded official patents.

It is definitely not an easy task to acquire intellectual property rights through patents and this process requires first a new invention by the inventor(s) and also the legal advice of a good intellectual property lawyer. Each new device must be replicated with the patent application, stating the claim to the new idea, and submitted to the patent office. The patent office puts the device through its paces for a number of years and, if convinced, may grant a patent. It is important to understand that patents will not be granted for claims without a proof-of-concept prototype to demonstrate the concept.

There are ways to counteract the conditions that are destructive to permanent magnets. The problem of excessive heat can be addressed by cooling the magnet using cooling techniques such as aluminum housings for the rotor and stator magnets or liquid cooling. The main goal is to quickly transfer the heat from the magnet to a suitable cooler. Excessive shock can be easily counteracted by handling carefully and not letting the magnet collide with other surfaces such as the ground, attracted metals and other magnets. Magnet holders also help preserve magnets by keeping most of the magnet’s fields within the housing, which is necessary for the storage and transportation of magnetic materials.

Also in the 70’s, Edwin Gray received patents for his electromagnetic motor, which rotates continuously without depleting the power source that excites the electromagnets and turns the motor. Edwin Gray’s engine required the initial spin to get the engine going. Edwin Gray also connected his electromagnetic engine to an electrical generator, producing an excess amount of usable electricity. Gray’s engine is also an excellent candidate for a prime mover in an electric generator set, as it does not require fuel to operate. This engine requires an electrical source such as a car battery to provide initial starting power, however the battery will be fully charged once stable operation is achieved.

Different engines

Looking at the long-term performance of these three different engines, Howard Johnson’s engine and Edwin Gray’s engine outperform the Perendev engine built by Mike Brady. It is important to note that Howard Johnson and Edwin Gray patented their magnetic motors in the 1970’s and were probably invented quite a few years before the Patent Office received the patent applications. It’s also interesting that Michael Brady built his engine some 20 years after Howard Johnson’s patents were issued.

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