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The importance of having a website

Is it still useful to think of creating your own website in the “social millennium”? Of course yes . Especially in a context like the current one, of great visibility through the various social network platforms, having your own site is not only useful, but even necessary. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube etc … by granting all virtual spaces for free, they have favored many professional and entrepreneurial realities, offering the possibility to ” appear on the internet “.

Although this has represented and represents a great opportunity, it is still very far from the advantages expressed by having its own, personal dedicated web space.

Search engines, Google in the first place , represent the first channel used by “surfers” to find information in the most disparate sectors. Here, even in the future, being there will become more and more important. Social profiles and website are nothing more than two sides of the same coin, one must not exclude the other, but on the contrary these two tools for your online business should be designed and conceived in perfect harmony.

Also, don’t forget that your site needs to be of high quality for Google to rank it better in search results. This way you can attract more customers. For the SEO optimization of your site you can use online SEO tools. For example, the Sitechecker multifunctional SEO platform will help you conduct a high-quality analysis and constant monitoring of your site.


  1. Allows you to be found without limits of space and time . A website is accessible from all over the world, at any time of the day, including Sundays and holidays cool
  2. It is an excellent ally to strengthen your brand identity , representing an irreplaceable piece within an effective integrated communication system that respects your graphic line and your communication style. ( People, when they hear about a company through word of mouth or offline communication, want to find more information on the internet. It is very important to provide this information with a site that reflects the image present in each channel, only in this way can you strengthen the identity and recognizability of your brand)
  3. Allows you to create action and direct interaction with the various social platforms. (The use of social networks is essential to drive traffic to your site. You can build and plan the publication of your posts by including links to sections or pages of your site relating to services and products you intend to promote)
  4. Shows up-to-date information, news and news in real time. the contents of a brochure or a flyer soon become obsolete and, to renew them, it is necessary to update them graphically and print them with continuous economic investments, sometimes, even if only for the modification of a telephone contact. All this with a site is immediate and at no cost)
  5. Create customer loyalty through ad hoc discount systems or by sending information and promotional newsletters  ( a website allows you to activate dedicated and customized channels for your customers, as well as manage direct promotional systems)
  6. Become your online business card in all B2B and B2C actions at a distance often for work you need to contact distant companies or show products to distant customers. By sending the link of your website via email or through a messaging app, you can open the doors of your company with a simple click )
  7. It allows you to sell your products through an e-commerce or an online catalog  ( a site is also a small form of business relocation. It allows you to go beyond your geographical boundaries and potentially puts you in contact with new customers )
  8. Shows the image of a company in step with the times , reliable and professional ( today not having a site is equivalent to not existing )
  9. Simplify your business processes  ( it allows you to optimize work times, reducing all those used to describe characteristics, exemplify product operations, send estimates )
  10. Because if they have it, your competitors might find them sooner than you wink ( if they don’t find you … they’ll find someone else )

If you are looking for a professional agency for the creation of your site, consider secuserv.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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