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The Future of Digital Marketing And Its Impact On Agencies

Innovative technologies have constantly led to many developments in digital marketing. Most businesses have shifted their attention to internet advertising to acquire new clients and better engage with existing ones. The growth of internet advertising can also be attributed to social and cellular programs continuously driving growth.

Today, digital marketing is the best outlet for small businesses and organisations to gain a competitive advantage. Entrepreneurs, organisations, and small businesses need to understand this marketing system’s immense scope.

More Videos Overtaking Digital Channels

In 2022, 82% of Global Internet Traffic originated from video. Product videos have been the go-to option for most B2B businesses. This growth is only going to increase the success of online advertising campaigns. The use of video will dominate digital marketing and become integral to any good digital marketing strategy. 

Future advertising will likely be short, interactive, fun video ads. Even the use of live-streaming videos has increased over the years. Although the trend isn’t at its peak, videos are gaining recognition as a powerful digital advertising medium. The Global average video consumption is at 84 minutes per day, and using videos for marketing will be a trend that promises better results. 

Micro-influencer Marketing Is Rising

Influencer marketing is already rising, with several influencers dominating platforms like YouTube and Instagram. These individuals keep attracting huge numbers of followers while also making good amounts of money from their deals with brands. This digital advertising technique is great for ROI compared to traditional advertising channels, and a digital marketing agency can help align influencers with the businesses that need them.

Business owners and agencies must steer clear of influencers with fake followers, as consumer perception can get easily affected. Businesses are seeking the help of micro-influencers. They must realise that their power and ability to deliver will come through only their relationships with their followers and the extent of their engagement.

Gen Z and The Expanding Reach

Gen Z is soon reaching maturity, implying that there is a need for entrepreneurs and businesses to redirect and rethink their digital marketing efforts. This generation focuses more on memorable experiences, which is why marketing agencies and Google ads agencies have to be precise in their purpose. They can best achieve this by leveraging user-generated content and ads to create a sense of exclusivity for products or services, which will help make the idea something they can relate to.


When small businesses or big corporations use in-house resources to create high-quality content for advertisement, it can take time and effort. This can hold an organisation back from benefiting from growth opportunities. This is why seeking the help of a digital marketing agency is recommended. These companies better understand the marketing world and will help personalise your campaigns to meet your target audience.

Privacy is essential for consumers, and they also like personalised content. Personalisation lets you deliver quality content aimed at a specific audience. Moreover, personalised campaigns get higher engagement and better conversions from existing and potential customers.

Augmented Reality Becoming Commonplace

Augmented reality is no longer a tool for the gaming industry. It has become a tool for most businesses trying to reach their customers. According to research, about 61% of customers prefer purchasing products from businesses with augmented reality services. For instance, several fashion brands are beginning to embrace augmented reality by allowing customers to try on outfits virtually from wherever they are. As digital marketing expands, you can expect more brands to turn to augmented reality.

The Rise Of Social Media

Most people assume that social media has reached its peak, and there is little room for growth. This is not true. Social media is still growing, and currently, it’s making up about 33% of all digital ad spending. While this may seem like a lot, you can expect much growth as 2023 approaches. 

Social media will continue taking its presence in everyday life, trying to integrate both online and offline services. For Google ads agencies, this is the time to understand each customer and develop personalised ads. This will give a wider reach and lead to higher conversion rates.

There is no doubt digital marketing is growing and continues to evolve. From SEO to social media use, digital marketing is impacting several lives. With better practices and tools, digital marketing solutions will continue to elevate businesses and help them gain a competitive edge in the market.

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