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The Enneagram: Coaching in Hard Times

Whether you are a full-time coach or a manager in charge of coaching your team, you are aware that the culture surrounding you has an impact on the individuals you teach. That culture may be toxic at times.

Every news outlet warns of an approaching disaster; the economy threatens employment and homes; and people are terrified of bad air quality or the newest virus. When you meet with them, they bring all of their problems with them.

Troubled individuals must be dragged out of the quicksand by someone standing on firm ground. That implies you must be able to approach terror without becoming terrified.

It implies that you must be able to recognise fear without being consumed by it. It implies you must be able to stretch over to a customer and then hold on tightly. You must catch them before they sink any farther.

The Enneagram is an excellent tool for connecting with a client and building a strong, adaptable bond. It is a system that outlines typical motives and methods, as well as how they evolve under demand. People who use the Enneagram identify one of nine basic patterns in themselves.

They discover that their regular behaviour is more regular than they knew and that altering the environment for characteristic behaviours changes what they signify.

They learn that the past does not determine one’s fate and that no pattern of success is so powerful that it cannot ultimately become a disadvantage.

You may use the Enneagram as a coach in two ways. For starters, it will assist you in being grounded and establishing the quick, deep connection required to make the most of the coaching session.

You will rapidly construct a working hypothesis about what is driving your client’s attitudes and behaviours if you use the Enneagram types as a template. When you seem to “read my thoughts,” you may swiftly establish a deep, effective connection.

The Enneagram is a dynamic system that depicts how individuals evolve and move. This implies you are neither “correcting” nor “wrong” about someone’s Enneagram type; you have just seen behaviour that may reflect one of a cluster of similar patterns.

That offers you a starting point for working together to either modify or amend that judgement when your customer shifts into a new related pattern. When you provide insights that are specifically tailored to your customer, you establish rapport.

When you go from something that is roughly correct to something that seems more accurate, customers perceive that you are moving with them, which builds rapport.

You may also use the Enneagram to help your customers become more self-aware of their typical attitudes. You enable your customers to make new connections between old behaviours and attitudes by describing Enneagram patterns.

They have a new perspective on themselves, and they have a new map for exploring the less developed aspects of their personalities.

They will get a fresh understanding of their own abilities via the Enneagram, which will help them deal with difficult situations.

The Enneagram is a remarkably adaptable and accurate model of how individuals evolve and develop in response to experience. It is consistent with the implicit information coaches currently have about what works for their clients.

This makes it simple to learn and implement as it is mastered. Training with actual individuals allows you to implement the patterns and modifications discussed in real-time. It helps you see how simple it is to use the Enneagram. As you go through the theories, you will see how you may improve your relationship.

While learning the Enneagram will take many hours, you will also be able to take as little as two days of instruction and use it immediately to establish rapport and insight in your coaching interactions.

 You will also discover that training in the Enneagram provides vital help in maintaining your own strengths as you face difficult times.

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