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The Clean & Simple Cleaning Approach to Cleaning a Room

Cleaning can be overwhelming, especially when you have to clean a room that’s jam-packed with stuff. The Clean & Simple home cleaning services approach to cleaning an entire room will help you break down your task into smaller chunks, so you can tackle it one step at a time without feeling overwhelmed. No matter what kind of mess you’re faced with in your home or office, this guide on cleaning an entire room can help you get started on making it spotless and ready to use again.


1. Remove clutter and put away clothing, books, papers, and anything else on the floor. 2. Vacuum or sweep the floor.

3. Straighten up furniture and pick up any items that may have fallen on the floor when you vacuumed or swept it (think: remotes, shoes, socks).

4. Dust surfaces of tables and shelves with a duster or damp cloth (avoid using spray-on cleaners).

5. Unclog drains with boiling water if necessary

6. Wipe down counters and sinks with antibacterial soap

7. Put all laundry away


1. Disinfect all surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner, such as Clorox Disinfectant Spray.

2. Dispose of garbage and other organic matter in the trashcan or outside in the yard.

3. Vacuum up dust, dirt, and hair from carpets and floors using a vacuum cleaner in home cleaning services.

4. If there are any stains on furniture or carpets, use an appropriate cleaner to treat them before vacuuming again thoroughly to remove residual dirt particles that may have been dislodged by the residential cleaning services process (e.g., Woolite for carpet).

5. If needed, polish wood furniture with an all-natural cleanser or wax polish for a long-lasting shine (e.g., Old Fashioned Milk Paint Polish).

Start by vacuuming the carpet, sofa, and drapes.

Next, vacuum the floor in each room, including any corners or tight spaces that may have been missed.


Move on to sweeping and mopping the floor.

Finish by wiping down all of the furniture in that room with a damp cloth.


1. Sweep the room with a broom and dustpan, paying close attention to the corners and edges of the furniture.

2. Use an old toothbrush or cleaning brush to scrub off any built-up dirt or grime on hard-to-reach areas like the top of bookshelves, window sills, and baseboards.

3. Vacuum the floor with an upright vacuum cleaner, focusing on high-traffic areas where there is visible dirt or grit that needs removing.

4. Wipe down furniture surfaces with a damp cloth or paper towel (such as tables, chairs, and lamps) using a solution of water and dish soap – this will remove any sticky residue or pet hair that might have accumulated while you were vacuuming the floor.

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