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The Best Places to Visit in Delhi for no cost in 2022



Delhi will never cease to impress you. Three UNESCO heritage sites that are within the borders of this city are unique. There are plenty of popular places to see in this city. If you go to the well-known Red Fort and other places be sure to take a look at the activities that you could do while in Delhi free of charge. You can’t buy everything and we’re returning to prove it with our newly crafted dope of free activities to enjoy in Delhi.

You can also try Brahmatal Trek, which is a Himalayan Treks and one of the best thing to do with friends.

Soulful Qawwali at Nizamuddin Dargah

Every Thursday night the Nizam-ud-din Dargah Auliya is an awe-inspiring journey of soulful qawwali shows under the stars of the night. It has hosted some extremely famous artists like Wadali and the Sabri brothers The atmosphere is electric and captivating this time of the year.

Delicious langar food at Gurudwara Bangla Sahib

10,000 meals a day — it’s an issue of pride! We’re not trying to make money from this, but in the middle in the heart of town, one can receive free food and delicious Kadha Prasad in the shape of sweets in the Sikh shrine.

Meditation at the Lotus Temple

There is no shortage of sacred monuments in Delhi This magnificent design of the Baha’i Faith is well-planned and designed to provide moments of solitude and meditation. The beauty and elegance of this structure can be a great addition to the senses!

Changing of Guards at Rashtrapati Bhavan

Since the beginning of time guards and sentries in palaces, forts, and defense establishments were changed from the time, allowing a new army to be in charge. What is the reason why be the Indian President’s Palace is an exclusion? Ladies and gentlemen, on a Saturday, the most storied regiment in the Indian Army, which guards the President of India can perform its duties with a stunning display of honor, courage, and discipline.

Go to India Gate

Going to India Gate is one of the most enjoyable things you can explore in Delhi. It’s great to enjoy a relaxing journey because the monuments are amazing in the evening. The famous memorial pays dedication to the soldiers who perished fighting for their country. The fire is lit every year in remembrance of these brave soldiers.

Hauz Khas Complex

The Hauz Khas area is just one of the things you can take part in Delhi. It’s the perfect spot to explore the rich history of Delhi. The complex is home to the Firoz Shah’s mosque, a tomb, and the Islamic seminary. It is also possible to enjoy an evening of peace free of craziness relaxing on the tranquil remains of the compound.

Open Air Gyms at Lodhi Garden and Nehru Park

Famous for the PDA during the second half in the afternoon, these parks are full of things to keep you busy, active, and healthy. The gym that is open to the public even though it’s only recently set up, is a popular attraction for locals. With Roman chairs and adjustable abdominal benches cables woods, and crossovers laid outside parks, gyms in parks give other gyms in the city a fright for their money.


The event is already gaining attention, Raahgiri in Delhi is an attempt to completely take control of the streets by motor vehicles. The festival is held at three sites within the NCR three sites Connaught Place, Gurgaon, and the suburbs of Dwarka.

There is no traffic on the roads and residents are encouraged to take bikes, and cycles can be rented at no cost, youngsters can participate in lots of physical activities. You can also arrange fitness classes and band shows.

Sanjay van Tau Devi Lal – Free access to some of the wildlife

In everything that is going on and the crowds, certain parks and forests provide a welcome respite. Tau Devi Lal is a massive plantation located near Gurgaon Sector 22 and is home to lots of beehives and creatures. Sanjay Van is a different plantation of trees near Vasant Kunj that has a water tank as well as rock hills to go with that city’s line.

Slacking at Hauz Khas Village and Asola Lake

Slacklining is a term that is a term used to describe the use of tensioned webbing that is placed between two anchor points for stability and running. it’s walking slack rope and running tight as the line is secured.

A well-known photographer, Enrico Fabian, has created this slack-enthusiast group to get people from all walks of life to the same place regardless of gender, age, or fitness.

Professional cycling using Pedal Yatri as well as DCC

After a recent resurgence of the trend of clubbing as a hobby that has exploded, cycling has transformed into a sought-after activity in cities. A bicycle, riding equipment, and the joy of cycling along a lesser-traveled route All you require to do to be part of it are groups of travelers who travel on trips within the city.

Delhi Cycling Club is aiming to establish Delhi as a bike-friendly city. All they require is a circle and your commitment to the effort. The 800-member team is always open to new members.

Cultural fests across the capital

Every year, famous groups that hail from Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and other nations perform their music in the grand backstage at the Old Fort. With bands like Kailash, Indian Ocean, Mrigya, and The Scavengers The band festival organized by Sehar is an excellent opportunity to learn about, comprehend and enjoy musical styles from South Asian countries.

Another equally fascinating festival is the jazz festival which includes musicians and artists from Italy and many other nations. Have a fantastic evening listening to the live music in the park. wouldn’t you? free.

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