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The Best Outdoor Smart Home Devices

Just two decades back, the idea of controlling your entire home remotely must have looked like something straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. Today, there’s nothing strange about it. People have smart appliances all over the place, and there’s nothing strange in using your phone to check your camera’s security footage, your smart locks, and even if you’ve left your stove on.

However, you need to think past the interior of your home. They say that talent hits the mark that no one else can but genius hits the mark that no one else can see. So, why not exercise some brilliance when remodeling your home and start boosting the exterior of your property with some smart devices?

Outdoor Projector

Having a TV on your backyard patio sounds great until there’s a rainstorm and you can’t unplug and cover it on time. Does this mean that you should deprive yourself of an evening having an outdoor cinema? Of course not! With an outdoor projector, you can get yourself an image that is 150 inches in size, for a mere fraction of what you would otherwise have to pay for a large screen. You also get to hook it to your favorite apps and stream all your favorite shows on the façade of your home or a sheet that you’ve bought just for that occasion.

Smart Lights

Have you entered your home without remembering to switch the lights off? Well, if you did, you might have to go outside to switch them off. This means leaving the coziness of your bed, putting your flip-flops on, and heading outside. Sure, leaving the lights on overnight has its benefits. First of all, it makes your home nicer looking and deterred some potential burglars. So… what do you do? Well, with solar yard lights installed, the increase in your power bill is not a concern. Remotely controlled lights, on the other hand, can just be switched off via your smartphone.

Smart Irrigation

There are so many reasons to invest in smart irrigation. First of all, customizing your irrigation becomes completely effortless. Depending on the amount of rainfall that your lawn has received in the past few days, it may even automatically adjust the amount of water that it releases. When done manually, it can be programmed to dispense an exact amount. This makes it incredibly water-conserving and, therefore, eco-friendly. Let’s face it, watering your lawn is one of the most tedious landscaping chores and smart irrigation just makes it simpler.

Smart Lawnmower

Have you ever watched a Roomba vacuum cleaner and wondered whether lawnmowers will ever work in the same way? Well, we’re already there and this too can help you have an immaculate lawn with virtually no effort. You see, leading robotic vacuum developers are rapidly designing robot mowers. The biggest concern here was always the matter of safety but with advanced programming, mapping, and safety precautions, this shouldn’t be an issue. It can completely revolutionize your lawn care and turn this tedious task into something automatic.

Smart Grill and Smoker

When it comes to grilling and smoking, timing and temperature are everything. Well, with a smart device, you can control all of these metrics within an inch of your mark. Sure, there’s a certain amount of pride in being in charge of the grill but, during a garden party, do you want to stare at the burgers while everyone else is mingling? With a smart grill and smoker, you get a lot more control without having to be hands-on engaged in the grilling process. On the other hand, some argue that getting a smart grill might not be worth it, seeing as how you can replace it with a number of third-party apps and devices.

In conclusion

In the end, you need to understand that outdoor smart home devices don’t have to be bought all at once. Take your time, invest in one of these devices at a time and, over the course of months or years, you’ll bring your entire property into the 21st century. Chances are that once you see the perks that a single device brings, you will no longer be able to restrain yourself. Automating your home is one of the simplest ways to increase comfort and coziness. It’s as simple as that.

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Ahsan Khan
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