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The Best Internal Audit Services In Dubai

Internal audit services

BESTAXCA offers internal audit services in Dubai, UAE, to keep your organization running smoothly by identifying blockages and mitigating factors at all levels of the business to overcome risks and guide your organization to achieve its goals. BESTAXCA’s Internal Audit Services In Dubai experts offer tailored services that can add strategic value to your business through a comprehensive range of professional services. As one of the leading internal audit firms in Dubai, BESTAXCA offers cutting-edge solutions to make your corporate audit flawless.

Certified Internal Auditors in the United Arab Emirates

An internal audit is a supreme, objective presentation and recommendation aimed at adding value and improving the performance of the organization. It helps an organization achieve its goals by adopting a structured and controlled approach to assess and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.

Internal audit provides assurance that the internal controls in place are adequate to mitigate risks, that competency processes are active and effective, and that the organization’s goals and objectives are achieved.

Internal auditing in Dubai and the UAE covers a wide range of services, including financial audits, performance audits, compliance audits, systems security audits, and due diligence. Finding a professional internal auditor in the UAE is the best solution for all your company’s internal auditing needs.

BESTAXCA has a team of qualified internal auditors in the UAE who provide internal audit services in Dubai and throughout the UAE, ensuring that all internal audit services are properly planned and executed by our team of internal auditors. Internal audits focus on identifying bottlenecks at all levels of the business, addressing control deficiencies to remediate them and helping the organization achieve its goals.

Benefits of BESTAXCA’s internal audit services 

We strategically tailor our audit approach to meet the exact needs of our clients.

We apply our audit methodology in accordance with the highest professional standards in compliance with international standards for quality control, audit, review and related services.

We work with our clients to identify high-risk areas and find ways to control the prevailing risks.

We regularly work with our clients to provide them with information that enables them to make effective business decisions.

Ensure that day-to-day operations are in order and that financial records are maintained.

We will ensure that the organization’s historical records are accurate and authentic and that operations are conducted in accordance with the required standards.

We will put in place internal control procedures.

We will help to minimize control procedures to improve the efficiency of departments.

We provide recommendations to overcome bottlenecks.

We produce regular reports to help companies monitor their performance and introduce new control procedures where necessary.

The benefits of internal audit in an organization

Here are some of the benefits of having an internal audit in your organization.


An internal audit service ensures that your operations are thoroughly reviewed and compliant. This provides a better understanding of process errors that may later affect the quality of the final product.

2. Setting standards

Internal audit has identified a number of new benchmarks and standards that the company and its employees must follow. These benchmarks are the standards against which the results achieved in the process are measured. By taking into account recognized external factors, the internal auditor can modify existing standards and benchmarks to better represent them.

3. In-depth knowledge

Because they are accredited consultants, internal auditors have a better understanding of issues, both at the industry level and in general, and can therefore offer better solutions to issues that internal auditors may not recognize. Internal auditors thus contribute to improving operational efficiency and reducing risks and negative perceptions of the organization.

4. Independent assessment

External independent auditors provide an impartial assessment that leads to new ideas and recommendations for better presentation, risk mitigation and control of the business. The independent auditor assesses each employee and their performance to help them perform their job competently.

5. Better governance

The internal audit ensures that the company is managed more effectively. The internal auditor can point out any weaknesses in the company’s operations or internal controls. These findings will help management to improve its ability to achieve its objectives.

6. Continuous analysis

The internal audit ensures that results are continuously reviewed throughout the year. Because they don’t want to wait until the end of the year to assess the company’s performance and discover that they are on the wrong track, they can change their actions and correct their mistakes in time.

7. Improving staff performance

Continuous internal audits make employees of a company more vigilant and energetic, because they fear that an internal auditor will find and expose their mistakes almost immediately. This helps them to improve their skills and communication. For the same reason, they are also afraid of letting the company down. At the same time, it is a good morale booster for real employees.

8. Ensure optimal use of resources

Internal audit contributes to the optimal use of resources. It helps to identify where resources are under-or under-utilized so that it can be easily corrected in time. It thus helps management to control costs and expenditures properly.

9. Division of labor

Internal audit promotes the division of labor. It helps management to control and monitor the activities of all departments and their staff.

Internal audit services provided by the BESTAXCA

The BESTAXCA Group recognizes that an effective internal audit can have a very positive impact on risk management and the smooth running of a company. BESTAXCA offers its clients the following internal audit services:

Risk assessment:

BESTAXCA helps management identify and prioritize areas that require attention and areas for audit.

Process evaluation and documentation:

BESTAXCA helps management understand current processes and procedures and provides recommendations on the best strategy to increase productivity and efficient use of resources.

Assessing controls :

BESTAXCA helps the company identify problem areas where procedures and controls have not improved as required.

Control testing:

BESTAXCA tests control to ensure that controls are working as intended.


BESTAXCA comments and makes recommendations to improve processes and controls.

Developing effective internal controls:

The BESTAXCA helps management develop effective internal controls that improve the controlled atmosphere.

Internal control environment:

BESTAXCA advises its clients on the implementation of an effective and secure internal control environment.

Managing key operational risks:

BESTAXCA advises on the management of key operational risks, particularly those related to business continuity.

Operational strategies and risk factors:

BESTAXCA helps link operational strategies and risk performance metrics to business objectives.

Change management and business intelligence:

BESTAXCA helps clients move from current practices to a more efficient and focused approach by training staff and helping them develop new skills.

Active entrepreneurship:

BESTAXCA experts help assess the key structures, dynamics and processes needed to strengthen effective business operations.

BESTAXCA’s internal audit services in Dubai

BESTAXCA is popular as one of the best internal audit firms in Dubai, with an outstanding team of highly qualified audit and accounting professionals. BESTAXCA can assist you in establishing internal control procedures, organizational hierarchy, segregation of duties and better management of your company’s cash flow through the application of valid strategies.

Our experienced accounting and auditing professionals can help clients ensure that their financial statements are up to date with IFRS and ISA. They will also have accurate and up-to-date financial statements in the future.

In addition to internal audit services, BESTAXCA also offers a full range of other business-related services in Dubai, including financial management services, internal and external audits, free zone audits, VAT accounting, and many other services related to business needs.

Need help with internal audit services in Dubai? Feel free to contact us; our experts will give you a free one-hour consultation on your business needs.

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