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The best Android gaming controllers in 2022

Our smartphones are always with us, and their current power allows us to play properly without having to do demanding graphics. However, comfort-wise, we can do better! Manufacturers have understood this, and more and more of them are marketing controllers specially adapted to smartphone gaming. Discover the 5 best Android gaming controllers in 2022:

Xbox Series Controller

While Sony has innovated with the DualSense, Microsoft has favored continuity and at first glance, the Xbox Series Controller is hard to recognize from the Xbox One Controller. In fact, the presence of a third button – central – for simplified capture and sharing betrays this new version. However, Microsoft has been particularly careful with the overall design of the controller.

We congratulate a manufacturer who doesn’t feel obliged to rethink everything with each generation, but we can’t help but regret some of Sony’s good ideas: the DualSense’s “adaptability” clearly has a small effect. Fortunately, this doesn’t detract from the immense qualities of a controller with almost perfect ergonomics and always with the good idea of a battery compartment that the player can choose. Microsoft also improves the directional cross and equips it with a more pleasant grip. A reference that will remain so for years to come.

Nacon MG-X Pro

The Nacon MG-X Pro chooses Bluetooth connectivity rather than USB-C… and it works! If we feared a certain latency, especially in cloud gaming, it is nothing like that. The controller is very reactive and offers the undeniable comfort of playing on compatible titles.

More affordable than its direct competitors, the MG-X Pro is however lacking in its constraint to be recharged to operate. Of course, its autonomy is very generous (20 hours), but we like a self-powered controller by the smartphone for more versatility.

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Razer Kishi V2

The new Razer Kishi is a clean sweep of the past, and it works well. Its new design is less compact than the previous model, but the Kishi V2 offers a much better grip. We particularly appreciate the possibility to keep a (thin) protective shell on your smartphone before connecting it to the controller.

Razer’s mobile controller has been redesigned from top to bottom and features new, clickier buttons that provide better feedback to gamers. The icing on the cake is that there are now two programmable buttons, giving more versatility to demanding users.

The Razer Kishi V2 takes the crown and relegates the first model to oblivion, which now seems like a mere draft. A great piece of work.

Razer Kishi V1

The Razer Kishi controller is a great accessory for gamers. Rather compact, and much less cumbersome to use than a console controller, it turns your smartphone into a great gaming machine – as long as you stick to compatible titles.

But this first edition is a bit of a trial run for the formula. Sold a little too expensively for our taste, it doesn’t offer enough quality finishes to deserve its price. Especially since the controller offers few, if any, customization options when connected to a smartphone.

GameSir X3 Type-C

GameSir is a Hong Kong brand specializing in gaming peripherals. Already noticed with the X and X2 models, the manufacturer surpasses itself with a very customizable X3 that keeps your smartphone cool!

While this feature is not useful in cloud gaming, it is valuable in native games. The fan built into the controller needs to be plugged in (you can use the controller without it) but is said to be particularly effective at bringing down the temperature thanks to copper foil and a Peltier.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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