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The Best 3D Printed Gift Ideas for 2022

Need more time this weekend to visit the store? Friends, do not worry; we have searched far and wide for the best 3D printable designs you can download and print for mom this year. If you want to celebrate in May, you could also begin your preparations early.

A mother is a confidante, a healer, a project manager, a motivator, and most likely your biggest supporter throughout life. We chose the most varied designs to 3D print and gift, just like mom. These presents reflect mom uniquely, whether she prefers practical, aesthetically pleasing, inventive, or quirky items. As many makers know, 3D printing works well for customizing presents. After all, you can make various things, from Pokémon keychains to Raspberry Pi gaming consoles, in your home with suitable models and materials.

Below are some of the 3D-printed gifts for your mother on Mother’s Day

Bookmark: You might print a bookmark for your mother if she reads a lot. It’s annoying to lose your place in a book, and you want to spare your mother any stress on Mother’s Day! This is the ideal last-minute gift because bookmarks don’t require a lot of filaments or print time.

Ring, For Mother’s Day 3D printing, you won’t have to look very far to find a 3D printable jewelry model. There are many different rings to choose from, from elegant to humorous. Although this model is a straightforward low-poly design, you can still improve upon this present idea. A variety of 3D printing businesses sell metal-fabricated 3D-printed jewelry!

Coasters a coaster would make a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift if your mother enjoys drinking organic kombucha, tea, or coffee. Even though this model shows a tree’s silhouette, you can find thousands of other coasters quickly searching your preferred 3D model website. Or read our article on the top roller coasters.

Cookie cutters, Next, this design is a cookie cutter that creates cookies with the letters “XOXO” and hearts all around them. The best and most well-known creator of 3D printable cookie cutters is the model. The model is pretty simple, but the designer of this design only provided a basic description and a limited amount of printing information.

Gift box, although it is not Mother’s Day-themed, this lovely butterfly box still makes a beautiful present for mom. It can be opened discreetly and would make a fantastic jewelry box, candy box, or even gift box for another present. Although many parts of this design will need to be printed, the result is stunning. Before starting this gift, however, you should ensure you have enough filament; at 100% scale, you’ll need about 330 g.

Many mothers adore flowers! Try these 3D-printed carnations if you want to give mom a durable (and probably less expensive) bouquet. About 20 grams of material and two hours are needed to print this flower. However, you might have noticed that the file for the flower’s stem is missing. Heat the end of the 20-gauge wire and push it into the plastic after printing the carnation on it.

Plant sign This plant sign is a wonderful Mother’s Day gift for your mom if she enjoys gardening because it will let her mark her plants and domain. The model is a direct garden stake with the word “MUM” removed from a rectangular area. The designer also offered a heart-shaped alternative.

Since the design is so straightforward, using your typical slicer profile should result in a successful print. Of course, no support is required because the model is flat.

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