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The benefits of outsourced dental billing services in the USA

Outsourced dental billing companies undertake insurance verification, most take over once the clinic has created and batched a claim. The billing company ensures that claims are correctly submitted, processed, and paid.

Dental Billing Outsourcing streamlines your processes.

All dental offices require an insurance billing process. The collection process of transferring money from insurance companies to clinics can be confusing and frustrating. A lot of paperwork is involved, and mistakes are inevitable. Prevent automatically detects duplicate submissions and prevents fraudulent claims, saving time and energy for both the company and the clinic.

The steps of a standard insurance billing process would look like this:

  1. A patient requests the appointment and gives insurance & protected health information (PHI) info to your office.
  2. Your office enters the patients’ PHI into the dental software.
  3. Your dental team conducts insurance verification before checking the patient.
  4. They call the patient for an appointment.
  5. Your dental team makes the insurance claim and ensures claim batching.
  6. Using a clearinghouse, the dental software sends the dental claim to the insurance company.
  7. The insurance company then processes the claim and pays your headquarters via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Virtual Credit Card (VCC), or Paper Check.
  8. Posting the payment in the patient log, and locking out the claim.

Outsourced dental billing companies are accountable for recording these payments to patient ledgers. Some claims only pay; you must determine why. Your dental billing procedure includes investigating outstanding dental claims. This is known as “handling your overdue insurance aging report.”

This process involves calling insurance companies or visiting an insurance company’s website to find out why a claim is still outstanding and unprocessed. Performing this necessary task falls between items 6 and 7 in the process listed above.

A dental billing service provider has the time and knowledge to research claims on the insurance aging report. If outstanding shares fail, they will never process, resulting in a loss for your practice. Running a successful dental business requires a simplified process to ensure submitting claims, followed up on if necessary, and paid on time.

Outsourcing makes more time for your dental team to be patient-focused.

Dental billing requires effort and dedication. Using a billing service allows the team to concentrate on the patient experience. Outsourced dental billing companies save the in-house staff time by handling the entire dental billing process.

Your dental staff will have more time to clarify insurance coverage and treatment plans to patients. Your patients will have a better understanding of their insurance coverage. The staff will appropriately understand your patients.

With the billing company handling claims submission, insurance aging reports, and posting payments, your team will also have the added time to focus on and decrease the most common mistakes in every dental office.

Take a look at some common mistakes listed below.

  • Appointment scheduling: Your phone lines can be free because you’re on hold with insurance companies. Dental teams often miss patients calling the office because they need more availability to handle the influx of calls. Any new or existing patient calls should be a priority.
  • Data entry: Patient information, either insurance or demographic information, is entered into the dental software incorrectly in case claims will not make it to the insurance company and will not pay.
  • Insurance verification is “checking a patient’s insurance coverage and benefits before service date to ensure payment for services”. Insurance verification is only done in some offices across the United States, yet is the most critical thing you should be doing in your practice. Failure to perform insurance verification leads to unpaid claims and lost revenue.
  • Patient and treatment documentation: With your dental team’s busy, critical patient information needs to be documented. This could be clinical notes explaining what the patient completed in the dental chair. Missed or no documentation can lead to legal issues. Documentation is also key when getting major claims paid.

Your dental office will stay updated with coding and insurance administration changes.

The dental field changes frequently. The American Dental Association (ADA) updates and changes codes yearly. Insurance laws in various states sometimes vary year-to-year.

All dental billers, in-house or remote, must stay updated on coding and insurance administration. Proper knowledge of coding and administration related to PPO contract provisions allows an outsourced dental billing team to meet your goals efficiently and effectively.

Most outsourced dental billing teams continue to educate themselves on the changes in the dental field. Staying up to date with the laws governing dental billing is necessary to keep your dental process legal and ethical.

Outsourced dental billing may save your office money.

Dental billing takes up quite a bit of time for an office’s employees, which means that it can become incredibly expensive with limited staffing. The problem with bringing in dental billing services to alleviate this issue is that this type of work has a high turnover rate and there can be no guarantee the company will stay competitive or innovative within the industry. To save your practice money and time, outsourcing dental billing may be your best option.

In most situations, outsourced dental billing costs less than in-house employees. With outsourced billing, not only do you have a team of experts dedicated to your account, but it can sometimes be at half the cost of your typical in-house employees.

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