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Telegram improved accessibility

Telegram is a popular messaging app with end-to-end encryption. Recently, they released an update to their Android app that makes it easier for people with disabilities to use the service. The update includes new features such as improved accessibility and better support for non-Latin characters.


Content is the core of Telegram(Telegram苹果版). It’s why we built it, and it’s what you use every day to chat with your friends, family, and colleagues. We want to make sure that Telegram is accessible to everyone regardless of their ability level or mobile device type.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’re bringing Telegram to Blind people. Blind users will be able to use the same interface as everyone else but with additional features including


The update is for Telegram, a popular messaging app that prides itself on its user-focused design. While Telegram has been making strides towards improving accessibility and usability, this latest update will be especially helpful to anyone who is visually impaired or has mobility issues. Here are some of the changes you can expect:

-Accessibility improvements to make navigating the app easier with VoiceOver (iOS only)

-Improvements to keyboard accessibility by adding support for hardware keyboards, improving auto-corrections, and making buttons more distinguishable from one another in different contexts (iOS only)

-Improvements to screen reader compatibility so users with screen readers can access all of the Telegram’s features (Android devices)

Accessibility improvements to make Telegram more usable for people who are visually impaired or have mobility issues (Android only) Improvements to keyboard accessibility by adding support for hardware keyboards, improving auto-corrections, and making buttons more distinguishable from one another in different contexts (Android devices)


Accessibility is important. If you cannot use a product or service, it isn’t that good for you—it’s an inaccessible product or service. As such, accessibility is always a good thing: when someone makes their product accessible to everyone; when someone makes their service accessible to everyone; when someone makes their website accessible. It’s a good thing for all these things and more!

In particular, it’s a great idea for Telegram because our app offers many features that can be made easier or even impossible without accessibility support. For example:

-Voice messages are sent over the phone line and thus require some special permissions on your device settings page to work (if your privacy controls don’t allow them).

-Screen magnification allows users with visual impairments to read messages on small parts of the screen at once instead of having them all displayed at once (this feature is called “high contrast”).

telegram, android

Telegram for Android version 5.0.6 is now available for download. This update to the popular messaging app adds several accessibility improvements, including:

-Support screen magnification apps such as Google Talkback and other third-party apps with similar functionality.

-A new feature that allows you to quickly switch between your ongoing conversations by swiping from left to right on their icons in chat tabs. In addition, you can also use this gesture to preview and reply to messages in open chats (on supported devices).

There are also some minor bug fixes included in this release, which should improve overall Telegram performance on all Android versions up through 5.0.6

Telegram updated their app to make it more accessible

Telegram (Telegram桌面版)has announced an update to its app, which will make it easier for users with disabilities to access and use the service. The update includes several features that were previously only available on desktop versions of Telegram, such as:

-Keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation

-Screen reader support

-Multiple font sizes (with zoom)

The update also includes several features that are already available on the Telegram app, such as: -A Dark Mode (Android only) -Quick Reply -Stickers

Let’s say it again

Telegram is an app that has been updated to make it more accessible. They have added features such as text-to-speech and screen readers. This allows people with disabilities to use the app without having any issues. It’s great news for all Telegram users who want to keep in touch with their friends and family while they travel around the world!

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