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Taking Care of Your Audi 101

If you have decided to purchase a luxury car like an Audi, you should also know that such a type requires high maintenance. This article is not trying to scare you off or make you regret getting your Audi; it only means that a high-standard vehicle needs a high-standard kind of care. What does this mean? Well, you can look at your Audi as an extension of yourself. You need to keep it “healthy” as you do for yourself to avoid damaging repercussions leading to massive and costly problems. Taking care of your Audi warrants regular maintenance of its various parts. This is important to ensure you enjoy your Audi for all it’s worth. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your Audi:

First thing’s first

When they said that “consistency is the key,” you have to know they were right about that. To treat your Audi with constant and consistent service by a car mechanic who not only knows about cars but specializes in Audi service, like the Audi Body Shop in Houston, amongst other shops, is without a doubt the best way to make sure that your valued possession will be cared for.

Audi engines life

The engine is the heart of your Audi—this is what keeps it functioning and running. If something happens to the heart, you know that it means trouble. To avoid giving your Audi an expected “heart attack,” change your engine’s oil regularly.  The recommended changing of oil is from 7,000 to 10,000 miles.

Audi engine fuel tank

For your engine to run smoother and cleaner, it is recommended that you use the right fuel. The right fuel mentioned here means the “premium” kind.  But why spend more for superior fuel for your Audi?  It is called “premium” fuel because it has ingredients that regular gasoline does not have. Using the right fuel contributes significantly to ensuring that your Audi functions smoothly.

You might think that this will cost you more and that you should use regular petrol. But did you know that using regular petrol can cause all sorts of issues for your Audi? Regular petrol can slowly cause major damage to the pistons, which then would harm other parts of your engine and then, finally, destroy your engine’s performance.

The filters

When Audi cars reach 20,000 miles, the air and cabin filters must be changed. However, whether you need it changed more frequently depends on your location, weather, and driving style.

It is recommended to inspect the “well-being” of the filters in your Audi when you get your regular service instead of replacing them solely based on the mileage.

But is it imperative to clean the filters? Of course, it is. The filters keep the air from outside the car clean and free from debris. It lets the engine avoid suffocating from insects, specks of dust, or residue and ensures that the air and fuel mix well to help the Audi run smoothly.

Audi’s running right

Understandably, driving an Audi tempts you to throw your weight around, but even though this type of car feels powerful and looks large, you should not drive recklessly.  Driving carelessly has never turned out well, so if you want to avoid scrapes and bruises or the worst-case scenario, go as fast as the speed limit. Even going more than a couple of miles an hour faster than you normally would still affect the state of your engine. Reckless driving also means you use your brakes more often, which will cause the car to depreciate rapidly, leading you to spend more on fixing and mending broken parts. 

Never break the brakes

This safety feature will always need special attention since it is an attribute that is often used. Your breaks demand regular maintenance. The width of the brake pads will also matter. It must be thoroughly examined to ensure they perform to the best of their abilities. On the other hand, your brake fluid is recommended to be changed every two years.

Get relaxed with your cooling system

It is already a given that the engine should never overheat, but most people do not know how to avoid it. The best method to ensure that the engine of your Audi does not undergo overheating is never to forget to check your coolant at every service you go to. Always drain and replace coolant as advised by mechanics. 

Tires get tired too

The tires of your Audi need to be filled and in good shape to improve the capability of your car. Your tires keep you and your car safe on the road. Check your tire pressure often and ensure it’s always at the level your owner’s manual says it should be. Additionally, remember that rotating your tires will ensure no uneven wear. It would help if you had them rotated every 5,000 miles, or from every oil change to every other.

Cleanliness is next to smoothness

Suffice to say that the above-mentioned tips on how to take care of your Audi are important to keep it running smoothly, and it is worth mentioning that the outward appearance of your car is necessary for upkeep.  

To maintain the durability of your floorboard, use high-quality floor mats and car carpets. The consistency of vacuuming dust, sand, and food crumbs from the floors to the seats prevents them from going to the fibers. 

To keep your Audi looking sleek and classy, you should have it washed and waxed regularly. Make sure to touch up any dents or scrapes on your car.

We never tire of giving tips!

Here are some tips to keep up with taking care of your Audi and its maintenance:

  1. Think of your budget. Budget ahead to avoid unanticipated expenses that you should have accounted for. 
  2. Look out for warning signals. Remember to ignore clickily-clacking sounds that are not normal in your Audi. Contact your mechanic when there are suspicious noise/s in your car to avoid unnecessary expenses when it becomes too late.
  3. Keep the maintenance schedule in mind. As mentioned several times in this article, there are regular schedules for various parts of your Audi. Avoid delaying since this will result in disaster.
  4. Search for a trustworthy mechanic. You would want a mechanic that will help you fix your car problems and not destroy it to get more money from you. So, keep in mind that Audi cars need experts that know their ins and outs– like the ones you can find at the Audi Body Shop in Houston if you are around the area or looking for similar shops like them. 

As you may now realize, taking care of your Audi is not merely about cleaning and waxing the car, it also includes looking after the various parts of it. An Audi involves specific care for its different parts. It is, without a doubt, high maintenance, but you already know how worth it your precious Audi is. As long as you now know the hows and the whys of taking care of your Audi, all you have to do now is look for a trusted mechanic for regular servicing, make sure that you do your part as the owner, and lastly, enjoy your ride with your precious Audi.

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