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Suzuki Motor Review: Suzuki Address 2023

Given their commitment to the green revolution and smaller capacity two-wheelers, it is hardly surprising that Suzuki has hit the mark with their Suzuki Address 2023. This fun, nimble, and stylish Suzuki motor has excellent fuel economy and attention to detail. Its simple twist-and-go throttle is sharp off the line, making it ideal for urban riding, where short, stop-start commutes are the focus.

Despite having 12″ front and 10″ rear wheels, the Suzuki Address can comfortably travel at speeds of up to 60 mph on the open road and maintains its stability. Its single-cylinder, air-cooled 124cc engine has a peak torque of 6500 rpm and is quiet but energetic, giving the rider confidence while pulling out of intersections or cutting into traffic gaps on a roundabout.

The riding position is upright, and the footwell has enough room for the largest boots. Wind protection from the waist down is more than adequate thanks to the classically designed front bodywork that deflects wind around the rider. However, there is no fly screen to deflect wind over the rider’s helmet. A few contemporary aesthetic elements are present, including two running lights mounted vertically down the front fairing and an LED headlight.

The Avenis 125cc, which Suzuki also introduced, has the same chassis and engine as the Address but is covered in angular, aggressive bodywork. Despite having a sportier and more competent exterior, the machine rides and handles just like the Address, with a few small ergonomic differences.

The dash is dominated by a sizable, easy-to-read speedometer that matches the bike’s aesthetic. An LCD segment on either side of it displays fundamental rider data, including the fuel level, the indicators, and the high beam indicator. Overall, the Suzuki Address 2023 and Avenis 125cc are impressive motorcycles that deliver on their promises.

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Ahsan Khan
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