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Steps to Install an Automatic Door

What does an automatic closing system with adjustable speed and power sound to you? Installing an automated door closer will allow you to check all those boxes, while also protecting you from harm.

Doors for garage entry and fire doors and certain entrances to residential buildings are usually required to have some form of automated closing system in order in order to conform to standards. It is believed that, if a car is in the garage, the fumes will not get into the home. In the event of a fire in the room the door will be guaranteed to close. While hinges with springs are generally the most basic option but an automated door closer is an important upgrade.

Installation of the Electronic Dead Bolt

With adjustable speeds and closing powers the system is definitely worth upgrading. It’s just not as simple to install as a hinge that is spring-loaded. This is all you must learn about installing an automated door closer.

Materials and Tools to Install Door Closer Installation

  • Knife for utility
  • The painter’s tape
  • A pencil
  • Tape measures
  • Speed Square
  • Security glasses
  • Gloves
  • Driver for Drill
  • Drill bits
  • #3 Phillips screwdriver or Phillips bit
  • Hex key

Everything else you require will be part of the kit for door closers. Many kits even include template templates on paper that you can apply to the door to ensure precise drilling locations , without the need to measure.

How to Install an Automated Door Closer

Installation of an auto door closer could require a bit more effort than setting up a hinge set however, it’s an easy DIY project. The steps below will guide you.

Step 1: Determine the direction of the door’s swing

There are several methods to install an automated doorstopper, however you need to make sure that you’ve done it properly. To begin, you must find the door’s swing and do this by standing in the jamb, with the door open with your back towards the hinges. If you see the door on the right side, it’s a right hand-swinging door. When the door’s to the left, it’s considered a left-hand-swing door.

After you’ve got the swing of your door established, select what side you’ll install the closer assembly. In general, you’ll want to conceal the closer to the remainder of your living area, so it’s best to put it in the side of the garage or on the room side or the side of your door.

Step 2. Note the locations of drilling

If the kit includes templates, there might be alternatives for right-hand and left-hand doors. Find the template that fits the door, then cut it out using a knife and then tape it onto the door according to the instructions.

If your tool did not come with templates then follow the manufacturer’s directions for determining where to drill. Always take measurements on the side that is hinged. Mark with a pencil the distance between each hole from the hinge. When you place the speed-square against the door’s top and draw an upward line between the pencil marks. Utilize the tape measurement or rules on the piece to indicate the size of the holes in these pencil lines.

Refer to the instruction manual to find the drill location in the jamb of your door that will join the swingarm.

Tips The process of marking four holes using the aid of a tape measure and a speed square is difficult to achieve with precision. If you are able to mark two holes and drill them, you’ll be able make the rest when the closer is set for a flawless installation.

Step 3: Drill holes

Wear safety glasses and, if you’re drilling through a steel door, gloves can be helpful also. Utilizing a power drill that has small drilling bit set in place, you can drill your pilot holes using the marks you’ve just created before moving into the proper bits (usually 3/16, but make sure you follow the directions). Do not drill all through the doorway; an average depth of 3/4 inches is usually sufficient.

Step 4: Attach the body of your door’s closer

The majority of door hardware of every kind utilizes the #3 Phillips bits, therefore, you must tighten one in the drill to complete this step. Utilizing the screws included with the kit, you can attach the closer on the door following the instructions. Pay attentively to the directions so that you’ll know which direction to go to the right when installing your door closer.

Step 5: Attach the swingarm bracket

If you’ve got the #3 Phillips bits still inside the drill utilize the hardware supplied to join the bracket for the swing arm to the jamb on the door. Sometimes, it is simpler to separate the arm from the closer in this purpose, since it is possible that one hole may be extremely difficult to reach when the closer is in tension.

Step 6: Connect it to your closer, and adjust it.

If you have removed the swingarm from the closer it’s time to reconnect and set it up to close properly. Follow the instructions that came in the kit, however this usually means unloosening the screws on the arms, and adjust it until the jamb that is the arm’s jamb side parallel with the jamb.

How to Adjust a Door Closer

The door closer is equipped with adjustment screws that enable users to adjust the rate and the tension at when the door will close. You should check your local code for the right speed, but it’s generally expected to take about seven seconds to open and close and latch. These screws are typically the form of hex keys, though they can also be adjusted with the standard screwdriver.

The Installation of a Door Closer is DIY-Friendly

Once you’ve dialed in your speed, put the cover on and relish the fruits of your hard work. It will be a door that is code-compliant and has more flexibility than hinges with springs. While every kit may differ slightly but the procedure for installation is nearly identical and within the reach of the DIY-er. Measure, mark, and drill cautiously and you’ll be confident in working on this project by yourself.

Com-Al is involved in the door installation in Perth. We not only make different kinds of doors but additionally sell and install the doors. Our suppliers have years and experience with this field and this is what makes us stand out from the marketplace. Our services begin with the production of the door, and conclude with the installation of the door’s automatic system. However, our clients are interested in knowing what sets us apart in this industry. We have a vision to ensure the complete satisfaction of the client. We will continue to provide our services until the customer is happy with their installation as well as other aspects. Additionally, we offer services at a lower cost when compared with other service providers on the market. We also offer assurance of the material used in the production of the doors in order to establish an ongoing relationship with our clients. We strive to build relationships not to make profits.

In this article in this article, we’ll explain the types of doors we make and sell. Additionally we will also explain what kinds of mechanisms we employ in the installation of doors within your home.

Wood & Glass Doors

As manufacturers of automatic doors We make the doors that are automatic in both wood and in glass. The door operates by a rotating wheel, which is a simple box, which is opened from the side, where the wheels turn. The greatest benefit of the doors is they provide an entirely new appearance to your home. If you reside either in an apartment building or bungalow the doors will make your house to its finest. They will be the “wow factor’ for your home. With these doors, you’ll be able to feel the warmth of the sun without feeling the intense solar heat. They blur and lessen the effect of sunlight’s rays. Through the use of patterns created for the doors’ glass, you are able to get different colors of light in your home. These doors are the primary service we offer to our customers.

Automatic Door Manufacturers

We boast that we are the top automated door hardware manufacturer in town. This claim is confirmed by the testimonials of our customers. They consistently give us positive feedback about us. We do not just focus on the design of automated doors, but we also consider and look after the other three factors of the doors such as aesthetics, performance as well as thermal performance. This is especially crucial when manufacturing large-scale doors for businesses. But, when it comes to doors for homes, we typically concentrate more on the appearance and performance that the doors have.

Why do You need To Install Automatic Door?

Doors are installed after we galvanize them until they reach the ceiling of the doors. This gives a high level of performance and high quality. It also makes them more reliable and durable. By using galvanization, doors won’t rust and will continue to function for a long time like they did in the very first day. The design of these doors is a great combination of quality and quality. Due to the high-quality installation, our doors were lauded for our work Our doors are made of stainless stain and top-quality wood, which is why our auto doors in Perth are a focal point for your home’s decor.

Our Skilled Professionals

We have enlisted a group of experts who hold in the design of our doors. Due to this, the designs we offer for the doors is distinctive on the marketplace. After the doors are made we test them using pressure and weights on them to determine how sturdy they are. This test is in order to strengthen the doors. We do not suggest going to independent testing centers for strength because they handle doors in a non-professional manner. This can lead to cracks on the door.

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