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Steps to Clear Instagram Search History

Your search history on any of your social media accounts is one of the most private things that everyone wants to keep private and confined to themselves only. In our daily activity on social media, we perform different operations that we don’t want to be known by anyone except us. For example, if a person is stalking someone on social media so he or she would not like to reveal it to anyone else.

As social media has become an integral part of our lives at the same time it has become a most private part of our lives as well. We don’t want to expose what we are doing online, whom we are stalking or secretly following and what we are searching for. While searching or scrolling on social media if someone else is sitting near us and watching our activity, most of us get offended because as I said earlier it is becoming an integral as well as a private aspect of our lives.

We just don’t want to compromise the confidentiality of our searched content and the same thing Instagram cares about you. Yes, there are several ways provided by Instagram by which you can delete your search history.

In this blog, we are going to tell you different methods by which you can easily delete your search history with just a click. You can also boost your performance with Buy Instagram Followers UK on your Instagram account. So, Let’s dive into it.

What is search History?

It is the collection of accounts, names, topics, or any other subject which you type in the search tab to explore something about them on Instagram. Although the things you are searching for on your account can never be viewed by any other user from their account, it may be used by the platform itself to navigate the data relevant to your search history. The only way another person can view your search history is by getting access to your Instagram account.

It may happen when you might forget to log out of the device that can be later used by others. It may also happen if someone hacks your account on social media. By this, your privacy can be invaded badly by that person. Buy Instagram Likes UK to get noticed by more and more people on this network.

How to clear the search history on Instagram?

As I said earlier, your searched data is used by Instagram itself to streamline your feeds and suggestion with the content you are searching for. This happens when you are researching a random topic in which you are not interested but Instagram senses it and starts fetching the same type of data relevant to your searches. The technology starts to work in this way they start fetching data for you based on your search history. To avoid giving this misleading information to the algorithm of Instagram you need to delete all those irrelevant searches that have nothing to do with your interest.

We are going to discuss four different ways to delete your search history from your Instagram account

1.      Deleting one search at a time

To perform this operation, you need to follow the following steps:

·         Open the Instagram app from your phone

·         Open the search tab on the top of the screen

·         You will see all of your recent searches there

·         You can delete any of your searches from the list simply by tapping at the cross mark given at the end of that specific search

In this way, you can delete any of your searches individually, which you feel are the most irrelevant to you without deleting the rest of them

2.      Delete the entire search history

You can also delete your search history in bulk. To meet this purpose, you need to follow the steps given below:

·         Tab on the Search bar by visiting the Search and Explore page of your Instagram account

·         Tap on “See All” and you will be shown the whole list of the searches done by you on this platform.

·         You can delete them by simply clicking on the “Clear All” button

·         You will be able to see a confirmation notification and if you click on “Delete” it will delete all of your searches in just one click.

3.      Deleting search history from your profile:

Just in case, you don’t understand the above-mentioned method to delete your search there is another way by which you can delete your searches. So, here we go:

·         Open the “Profile Tab” on your Instagram app

·         Click on the profile picture at the corner

·         Tap three horizontal parallel lines

·         A pop-up menu will appear, now tap on the “Your Activity” option

·         There will appear a sub-menu, tap on the recent searches from the menu list

·         Now you can either delete them one by one by tapping the cross mark and or you can delete them collectively by clicking on the “Clear All” option.

4.      Deleting your search history using a mobile browser

If you are not having a mobile app but you want to delete your search history on Instagram, here is how it’s done:

·         Visit Instagram by typing it on google and get log into your account.

·         Visit the search tab by clicking on the search and exploring the page

·         Now again you can either delete them individually by tapping on the cross mark and also you can delete all of your searches by clicking on the “Delete All” option.

5.      Deleting your search history from your computer

·         Visit your Instagram account from your browser

·         Click on the “Search Bar” and you will be able to see your recent searches

·         You can either delete them individually or collectively by following the same way

·         Tap on “Clear All” to delete your searches.


So, these were the methods to delete your searches on Instagram to maintain the relevancy of your feeds and explore pages exactly according to your taste and interest. It is very important to keep an eye on all the privacy aspects of your social media account and you should not take any kind of risk in this regard by showing carelessness.

Hope you find this article so helpful to you and hope you will take care of your online privacy even more than before. If you are having any queries or suggestions regarding this topic, just feel free to ask us in the comment section given below. We will love to hear more from you.

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