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Steps for hp envy 5055 paper jam , Technical help,

hp envy 5055 paper jam

When printing, the printer stops feeding pages, and the Paper Jam error displays on the printer’s control panel. This means that the paper could be jamme within the hp envy 5055 paper jam.

Step 1: Remove the blockage of paper from the printer.

Paper jams may occur across multiple places of the printing device. If you can’t locate the jamme paper in one location, move to the following location until the jam is found.

You will require a flashlight to accomplish these steps.

  • Clean jammed paper out of the tray for paper
  • Remove the jammed paper from the access point to the ink cartridges

If you’ve checked and removed any jammed papers from the printer and the error is still there, go on to step.

Step 2. Ensure that the carriage can move freely

To ensure that there aren’t any other objects or papers in the printer, shift the carriage along the length of the printer.

  1. Switch on the printer in case it’s not turne on.
  2. Take a firm grip on the handles on both sides of the printer. Then lift the access door for the ink cartridge until it is locke into place. The carriage shifts slightly towards the left. Figure Opening the access door for the ink cartridge.
  3. It would help if you waited until the car was silent and quiet before continuing.
  4. After turning the printer on, disconnect the power cord from the back of the printer.
  5. Utilize a flashlight to search for any obstructions or paper that could be limiting the carriage. Then take away any objects or forms that you see.
  6. Access the printer by opening the door to access the cartridge. Then, manually transfer the print carriage.
  • If the printing carriage has become stuck on the right side Move it to the side that is left of the hp printer error 0xc18a0206.
  • If the printing carriage becomes stuck on the left-hand side, move your carriage towards the left side.
  • The carriage must be move to the right side when the printhead is stuck. Then move it to the left edge of the print.
  1. Take away any loose papers or obstructions that you discover.
  2. Check that the carriage can be move freely across the entire size of the printer. The carriage should be firmly pushe to the printer’s left and then back to the right side.
  3. Close the access to the ink cartridge door.
  4. Figure: Closing the door to access the cartridge’s ink
  5. Remove the output tray and then pull up the extension tray for the output tray.

Figure: Pulling the output tray out of the tray that is output and lifting the extension tray for the output tray.

  1. Connect your power cable to the back of the printer. Then turn the printer on.

Try printing. If the issue persists, proceed with the following step.

Step 3: Utilize an automated tool for cleaning ink spills

Cleaning out ink smears could assist in clearing jams on paper and improve printing quality.

  1. The printer should be loade with simple white papers
  2. You can swipe left to the screen on your printer’s control panel, then tap Setup.
  3. Touch Tools.
  4. Tap the display. Then, wipe the Clean Page Smears.
  5. The printer slowly feeds an unfinished page.
  6. The printer will expel this blank sheet.

Try printing. If the problem persists, proceed on to step.

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