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Starfish are fascinating sea creatures. They are very popular as decorative items. A rich subject for photographers in nautical themed exhibitions such as promotions for bathroom products and cosmetics, and a popular decorative element in countless homes. To this day, Video Gegensprechanlage they are a source of food for many small communities. Starfish possess an evergreen beauty that captivates the human imagination.

The starfish possesses the remarkable ability to regenerate itself if it sustains an injury or even loses one of its “arms”. Named for their distinctive shape, the starfish has an appeal that has captured the imagination of countless people.

Starfish gives it a timeless beauty

The starfish’s uniquely attractive shape gives it a timeless beauty. Its origin from the depths of the ocean – inaccessible to the average person – adds to its mysterious, aquatic charm.

For decades they have been a popular motif for photographers, do-it-yourselfers, florists, artists, decorators, just to name a few. There is a thriving industry built around harvesting these sea creatures by the thousands and exporting them to all corners of the world.

Due to its nature, it is ideal as a decorative item for the bathroom and shower. A natural fit for water features or pool areas. Unfortunately, commercially available dried starfish are not suitable for prolonged exposure to moisture. The constant humidity eventually leads to decay over time.

groan under ecologically

Our planet is groaning under ecological stresses and every marine industry is viewed with environmental concerns. Commercially harvested starfish are obviously not a threatened species at this time. They are prolific breeders and it is a rich resource that is still abundant. It was the bustling neighborhood of many small coastal villages in developing countries like the Philippines and Fiji, where harvesting these sea creatures has been a way of life for centuries. The ever-increasing demand for these unusual animals will no doubt deplete resources over time.

So many natural resources on this amazing planet are currently suffering under the weight of uncontrolled depletion and depletion. However, some species of starfish have been declared an endangered species. Alternative and affordable forms of marine themed decorative items are readily available in the market. Their use would certainly relieve the demands on nature and contribute to the preservation of our natural heritage.

One can find durable and waterproof replicas ranging from realistic to stylized designs. Captured perfectly with all the charm and attraction. The biggest advantage is that they provide a more versatile range of uses. Moisture and weather influences are no longer an issue. We don’t have to do without such an attractive addition to the house and garden.

Spring cleaning for your bathroom

The end of winter is approaching and the green shoots of spring are on the horizon. Your bathroom has been working overtime. Make sure the kids are clean, enjoy your muscles after a workout at the gym or after a football game. The daily routine in your house means that your bathroom gets a simple cleaning every week. But when spring comes, it might be time for a deep clean.

You can redecorate or replace a mirror or bathroom cabinet, but the easiest way to add some love to your bathroom is to give it an old-fashioned deep clean. Here’s a simple guide to spring cleaning your bathroom.


Make sure you have the right cleaning products to get the job done. These do not have to be commercially expensive off-the-shelf products. There are some organic cleaning products that you could use that are less expensive and environmentally friendly. Which products you use for your bathroom, however, depends on your personal preferences. You have to consider that your bathroom is used by your whole family. So use caution before and after using any product to ensure it does not pose a significant risk to you, your children, or even your pets. You will also need suitable cloths so that you can clean the various surfaces in the bathroom. Ceramics and glass are the main areas to clean, but you need to watch out for grouted areas, tile, stainless steel, and wood materials. Make sure you have an appropriate bin liner to take out the rubbish you come across (allow for possible recycling). Finally, regarding the preparation, you must make sure that you have plenty of hot water, let’s start drinking a coffee.

Dusting someone?

Start at the top of your bathroom (i.e. the ceiling and light fixtures) with a feather duster to remove any cobwebs or dust that may have accumulated over the winter. A dry feather duster can be used on painted surfaces, or you can use a little furniture polish to aid in dust removal. If you have a vacuum with a long attachment this can help with blinds or the top of picture rails etc. You will need to use your feather duster to manually remove the dust from the top of the door frame and the top of each picture Gegensprechanlage frame you have. Consider the top of any bathroom cabinets or mirrors, you must take any items stored here and dust accordingly. If these items are removed, think about their use. If you don’t use them or they’re not visually appealing, remove them. If you find stubborn areas of dust, you need to wash them off with hot water and a mild detergent. Lemon juice is a great alternative to detergent and leaves a fantastic scent in the bathroom. Take the time to step back and look for any areas you may have missed. Once you reach the floor areas, you’ve dusted your bathroom.

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