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Turkish Dessert Baklava with tea on silver tray. Desset Concept.

That pretty much sums up the current status of the American restaurant industry: burgers and meat in general are no longer as popular as they once were. Rather than attempting to appeal to a broad audience, successful restaurants nowadays are those who build a devoted fan following. Consider this an open letter to the restaurant and cafeteria managers of the United States. Please try something new for the love of God!

It’s time to face the facts: only the youth of today care about broad appeal. A 10-year-old child is the most conventional eater imaginable. If you bring them to a restaurant with a broad menu, they will order hot dogs even if they have the option to select anything else. Please prepare my ketchup without the addition of chilli or cheese. Pizza joints are among the most adventurous restaurants, but if they don’t supply pepperoni, things may become ugly.

In contrast, adults tend to partition the world along racial lines. Speaking of which, I have nothing against Mexican, Italian, or Chinese cuisine; nevertheless, don’t you think it’s time we acknowledged that there are other countries that make food than just these three? You should try a Mediterranean restaurant if you haven’t before. Here, you will learn how to create falafel, hummus, baba ganoush, substitute honey for sugar, and prepare lamb in unimaginable ways. When you order pita bread, it will be delivered to your table inflated like a balloon before deflating into a pancake.

Although the United States is frequently portrayed as a cultural melting pot, it is difficult to find diverse cuisines beyond pizza and tacos outside of the country’s five major cities. Hopefully, the chop suey in the bowl. South American cuisine from an area further south than Mexico is unheard of. Perhaps a restaurant serving Argentinian or Brazilian cuisine? And when was the last time you discovered a Russian deli outside of New York? Pirozhki and baklava are two Russian foods that have gained popularity in the United States. It is reasonable to presume that, like the ordinary American, you are unfamiliar with Shashlyk. A traditional Russian shish-kebab is composed of lamb that has been marinated and grilled with onions, which impart a pleasing flavour. How difficult is it to produce? As another example, French cuisine has a superb reputation, which is rarely supported by its real excellence. Let’s visit a few more French bistros in order to determine for ourselves why they are so popular.

Cultural diversity within the United States appears to be a barrier for Americans. In the northern states (Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin), cheese is sold in yellow, rectangular slices, but in the southern states (Texas, Florida, etc.), cheese is sold in curds. All Food Network culinary shows gave Cajun cuisine excellent grades, although the cuisine’s popularity appears to have waned, with only a few Cajun-themed enterprises remaining. No one west of New England appears to know how to prepare lobster, and no one east of Utah has ever heard of a Denver omelette. Indian food within driving distance is a pipe dream, given that we can’t even put the entire United States into a single food court.

In addition, it appears that cooking methods have become stagnant, compounding the lack of international diversity and interstate heterogeneity in the food supply. I do not understand why all chicken must be breaded and fried. When you become hungry, no matter where you are in the globe, you must stop for some roasted chicken. Was it not a relief to finally have chicken that was not saturated with grease?

Consider the various sorts of food that are rarely seen on the typical American’s plate. Did you know that there are various types of pasta, bread, pickles, and peppers (in addition to jalapenos) that can be consumed whole, and that wheat is not the only ingredient that can be used to produce bread? Is it true that kielbasa sausage, when grilled and placed in a bun, rivals the flavour of a classic hot dog? That there are sweetness sources outside corn? That there are condiments other than the traditional yellow and red? Are there alternatives to white flour for making tortillas? Listen, if I never see another “French fry” again in my life, it will be too soon; immediately cease serving deep-fried potatoes.

With good reason, the international community is frequently critical of American cuisine. Our selection is unfortunately not very diverse. When you want a dish other than fried beef, the generally laudable American practicality and down-to-earthness takes on a more aggressive tone. Are you, like, an elite or something? You dislike fried potatoes, therefore I’m going to guess that you like fried mushrooms or zucchini. Sounds to me like imperialist demands. We are not imperialists; we simply believed the USDA’s food pyramid was a good idea.

The food industry’s bottom line will unquestionably feel the repercussions. It is difficult to convince Americans to try something new, and it is difficult to find a supplier with a broad stock who is also affordable. Additionally, it is extremely difficult to find skilled employees who know how to cook foods that are not typically available in the average homogenised restaurant. But with a little bit of effort, we can overcome this obstacle. The likelihood of success is really high. With so much competition in the food service industry, the most effective strategy for attracting clients is to offer them something they cannot obtain elsewhere.

You don’t want your BBQ to fit in with the others, do you? You want to be recognised as the great place that attracts visitors from all around the world. You want your restaurant to be known for presenting clients with food they cannot stop thinking about. According to nutritionists, cravings are your body’s way of signalling you that you’re weak in certain nutrients, and gratifying that demand means eating the very thing you’re attempting to avoid. You want your company to be enormously successful, but more significantly, you want to be recognised as an exceptional food service manager.

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