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Soul App Encourages Gen Z To Be Real

People once believed that social networking platforms were born with the mission of facilitating the process of building social connections and enriching social life. However, currently, some social platforms are dominated by perfectionism. Users believe they have to look perfect to gain approval from others, putting themselves under social pressure. Those who say no to perfectionism may find resonance on the Soul App which encourages them to find authentic social connections and be true to themselves.

Soul App Encourages Gen Z To Be Real

Soul App is a comprehensive social networking platform that integrates socializing, entertainment, and gaming. It created a new mode of social networking that manages to retrieve genuine connections among individuals and this mode is experimented in the Soul App metaverse .

Soul App’s unique social experience is attractive, revealed by its users.

When a user first registers their account on this platform, they will be guided to take a short personality quiz, the result of which will be subsequently adopted by the AI to generate a preliminary user profile. They are also asked to design their avatars from existing templates. The two elements set the ground color of their virtual identities, which will be further fleshed out by their behaviors in the Soul metaverse.

After that, users can commence their journeys of building social connections. Unlike social apps that feature user-generated content, Soul App chooses to group users by their interests and personalities. In these decentralized communities, users could exchange their life moments and express their true thoughts. 

Soul App owns a unique AI-recommendation mechanism that would automatically analyze user behavior and recommend them to users with similar personalities. Users can start private chats, and exchange voice calls or video calls to build one-to-one connections. They can also join virtual parties during which a group of people gathers to share their experiences or opinions on the same topic. Young people are obsessed with this stress-free atmosphere.

Authenticity sets the tone of social networking, which is also true in virtual spaces.

It is always surprising how a virtual social networking platform managed to maintain the authentic attractions of social connections. On the one hand, virtual platforms provide a natural camouflage for users to conceal their real personalities. On the other hand, users tend to be more prudent when reaching out for new relations in a virtual space.

Nevertheless, in the social metaverse established by Soul App, this is not necessarily true. Soul metaverse, though being a virtual platform that even discourages its user from uploading selfies, retains the real attraction of human interaction. It not only encourages its users to listen to the voice from their hearts but also conveys their messages to other audiences. 

Once a user shared his delight in finishing a project and his post soon received likes from other users. On this warm platform, users are willing to show their kindness to others even if they have never met. Soul App is developed to fulfill this mission. Throughout its development, its original aspiration remains unchanged, which is to retrieve the authenticity of social connection and create a virtual social playground for the young generation. 

The young generation is creating value from Soul metaverse.

Zhang Lu, founder and CEO of Soul App, once shared in an interview that it is always the young generation who decides the direction towards which social connections will evolve. Now, they are creating value out of the metaverse.

Soul App is exploring different business modes in the metaverse and it has discovered that opportunities lie in the young generations. It is no exaggeration to say the current generation that occupies social networking platforms is obsessed with high technologies and they are always prepared to embrace the changes that come along. 

Soul App seized this chance and launched a series of actions. Earlier last month, it cooperated with designers and metaverse engineers to debut its first official virtual avatar products, the Möbius collectibles, which both reflect the aesthetic value of virtual arts and show the results of the latest development metaverse technology.

Moreover, it is also endeavoring to be a platform that can incubate opportunities for its users. For instance, users are encouraged to be creators who can sell the avatars they designed in the inner shops. Soul App has also provided them with the basic tools to make these avatars. It was reported that a creator can earn up to 40,000 RMB a month.

The social metaverse created by Soul App is expanding at an incredible pace. Currently, there are more than 9.3 million people who immerse themselves in this social playground, where they feel free and secure to take off their disguises and express their real selves. It is predicted that the social metaverse will become the successor of the mobile network but no one can answer for sure how it will change the social life of the next generation. But Soul App has promised that in its social metaverse, young groups can always stay honest with themselves and maximize the potential of their life. 

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