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Some Shower Ideas for Creating a beautiful Look of Your Bathroom

While renovating the bathroom, choosing the shower head is the most critical aspect. It describes your entire bathing experience. With a hand shower, you get flexibility as well as advanced features. Clean the hard-to-reach areas effortlessly without moving too much. Handheld showers are an excellent option for everyone. Whether you have a small or big washroom, this one will fit perfectly everywhere. We have your back if you are looking for hand shower designs. Here are some unique ideas to revamp your bathroom and enhance its appearance quickly.

Combination shower ideas for your bathroom

The most popular type of shower is the combination type. It arrives with a showerhead and a handheld shower too. With adjustable settings, you can switch between the two showers. This is a safe option for all the bathrooms.

You can use either one of the settings according to your convenience. From bathrooms at your home to resorts, you will find such showers everywhere. You can opt for steel hoses in such showers as they give an excellent finish.

Attached to the wall

This option is incredible for you if you only want a standalone hand shower. Since it gets attached to the wall, it consumes less space. Not only this, but you can save a lot of water with this type of shower.

Moreover, this is a pretty great choice for small or mid-sized washrooms. You can choose from a variety of styles and colours. If you have water problems at your place, choose this shower without giving it any second thought.

Shower Panels are crucial

If you want a spa-like experience, shower panels are wonderful for your bathroom. Most of them come with dual functionality. You can use the handheld shower when you like and use the panel for other times. This gives the ultimate luxurious look to your bathroom.
Combination shower ideas for your bathroom

Also, it is suitable for washrooms where space is not an issue. You can match the colour of the shower panel with the interiors to create a beautiful vibe. Chrome and steel are the most sought-after options. However, you can explore a different variety according to your requirements.

Concern of Colours

Gone are the days when choosing monochromatic colours was the only option. Nowadays, you can easily opt for other colours. Even the hose arrives in different colours now. From quirky ones to classic colours, the choice is entirely yours. If you want to create the ultimate bathroom with an elegant vibe, go for chrome, black, or rose gold colours. Try to get the entire set in the same colour as it looks more charming.

High-pressure showers

When it comes to choosing a shower head , you can change numerous settings. It depends on you if you want the pressure to be light or high. All you have to do is change the setting and enjoy your bath. Some features give a massage-like feeling or provide a soothing sense. However, such advanced tech products can be a little expensive.

Corner hand shower designs

Corner showers are quite space effective, and they make small bathrooms appear bigger. You can put curtains or sliding doors to separate the shower area. Also, you can opt for a round base or triangle corner base, whichever suits your requirements the best.

Make the shower look extraordinary by getting soothing patterns. To balance the overall look, you can get bold accessories that stand out. Keep the hand shower design simple and go for primary colours like steel to give an elegant impression to the bathroom.

Walk in showers

On the sides of shower head , there are numerous ways of utilizing it. You can simply convert your bathroom into a walk-in shower by installing a standard hand shower. Since there are no frames or additional accessories, the bathroom looks less chaotic and much bigger.

This is an incredible option for even the smallest bathrooms, as installation of a hand shower requires minimal space. To make it luxurious, you can add gold elements to the bathroom. Such showers are more functional as well as easily accessible. This is the way to go if you do not have space for a door or a panel.

Combination shower ideas for your bathroom

Hand shower with a tub

For those who want the perfect blend of luxury and comfort, this choice is just for you. Instead of going for a separate bathtub and a hand shower, you can combine both for space-saving purposes. While you are enjoying the bathtub experience, you can use a hand shower at the same time.

Get the best of both worlds in a limited space with this selection. Ensure that the bathtub and the hand shower complement each other. Place the shower at the centre of the bathtub to increase the efficiency of this design.

Marble granite design

If you want to give a gorgeous appearance to your bathroom, getting marble and granite is the best thing to do. You can choose from multiple designs and patterns from grey, black, green, and brown colours.

When going for bold designs, it is better to opt for plain hand showers. For instance, go for black or rose gold colours to make the bathroom look rich and sophisticated. Use marbles for the walls and slip-resistant tiles for the flooring.

Shower design with a seat

Some people like to sit while taking a bath. On the other hand, some may have problems standing for long due to an injury or any other problem. Whatever the case may be, you can design the seat in the bathroom. In such cases, hand showers are very efficient as you can customize the settings and use them according to your needs.

The elegance of Kohler shower heads

These are some of the shower design ideas that you should explore at Kohler before renovating your bathroom. Create a design of the washroom, ensure that all of it goes well together and then finalize things. Before you finalize the Kohler shower head size, consider the size of your bathroom and then see which one fits the best.

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