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Some ideas for creating a custom dress

Deciding to create a custom dress is not an easy task. And even less if you are not an expert in fabrics, cuts and shapes. You probably don’t know where to start. You are afraid of not finding the dress that represents you perfectly. When buying clothes from a store, you will be limited to a few styles. However, with bespoke dresses, the customization options are limitless. In this article, we’ve collected some tips you need to create your custom dress.

Go shopping

Shopping is a fun day. On top of that, going out for a dress fitting day will help you better understand which silhouettes look best on your body. You may be thinking of images of dresses with mermaid style sleeves; nevertheless, you might see yourself differently after putting on a strapless A-line dress. Take notes on the features you like about each dress so you can pass them on to your designer.

Where to find ideas

Knowing what interests you is important when trying to get a custom piece. Many websites are full of custom dress pattern inspiration.

Some places where you can start gathering ideas for your bespoke dress are:

– Women’s fashion magazines

– beauty websites

– Fashion show

– Online fashion store

– Pinterest

Find a designer that suits you perfectly
Take the time to research a designer who has made dresses similar to the styles you love. A designer who matches your design aesthetic will ensure you get the best quality of work and help you have the best bespoke experience.
Get suggestions from family, friends, anyone who has experience creating a custom look. Also scour Google and Instagram to find a designer in your area that matches your style.
Discuss possibilities for modification
Sometimes the easiest way to turn the ready-to-wear look into a custom look is to modify it. A skilled seamstress can drastically change the look of a dress by adding a new neckline or new sleeves, but can also make more subtle changes, such as replacing a zipper with a button closure.
Talk about your budget early and often
Right from the start, you and your designer need to be on the same page when it comes to pricing. He or she will be honest about what's possible and what's not, and can discuss ways to save money with your dream design.
stay the course
While minor tweaks when designing your custom dress won't necessarily cut costs, major changes too late in the game can. Moments of indecision are normal when working from a simple drawing and basic pattern pieces, but a good designer will keep you on track even when insecurities peak.
Maybe you don't want to make any changes to the dress itself. If you found the perfect dress in store, it can be hard to improve on it. Instead, you can simply bring a better waist fit by adding a belt that matches your dress colors.
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