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How to Choose a premium Sofa for Your Home

One of the most hustling tasks while getting furniture for your home is choosing the right sofa for your living room. Sofa shopping can be one of the most overwhelming experiences you can experience as the options available and the varieties can make you a whole lot more confused than you were when you left your home. 

 Choosing a perfect shape and size which goes perfectly with your other interior and even looks pleasing to the eye, trendy, aesthetic, strong enough, and most importantly durable. Everyone wants a sofa that looks the most trendy out there, but what we look for first is its durability and what it is made of. 

If you ever visit a furniture shop where you see the furniture in its physical form you’ll find two identical pieces of furniture for different prices. As the rate of furniture is determined by what material it is made of instead of which trendy design it is made into. The difference is usually about sofa fabric material, frames, upholstery, joints, padding, and the cushions set on them. These attributes determine their sturdy and value. 

How to determine which sofa is of good quality? Which one should you prefer buying? So let us talk about how to judge the quality of a sofa while purchasing. 

How to buy a quality sofa for your home 


The first thing you should consider while buying the sofa is to check the frame. The life of a sofa is determined mainly by its structural frame. The frame decides how long the sofa will retain its shape. The thing you should look for is the material and construction and material used in the frame which should be sturdy and durable. A softwood frame might bend or break easily; the same goes for knotted wood. Stay away from plywood or chipboard frames as they are cheaper and are not sturdy. 


Joints of the sofas are not visible due to the cushions and padding done over them, but make sure you know well about them while buying, velvet sofa fabric as the said salesperson to let you know about them. 

Joints keep the frame sturdy, so they should be properly fitted. If the joints are glued, stapled, or nailed cannot hold the sofa longer. 


The arms of sofas are more than just looks. They should be sturdy and strong enough to hold themselves when someone leans toward them. 

Push the arms while buying the sofas to see if they are sturdy or are they hobbling. If so, the joints of the sofa are not fitted properly. 


Many brands use different springs in their sofas. So if you prefer a quality sofa, make sure you ask the salesperson about the springs used in the sofa. 

One of the springs which provide good support and are found in many sofas is serpentine sofas. They do sag with time, 8-way hand-tied spring is a bit expensive but can last years, as you’ll find them rarely losing shape. If you move your hand over the sofa, and find it too hard or hear and create and squeak you should find other options. 


Though the fabric doesn’t contribute much to the lifespan of the sofa, they are one of the most important things as they bring an aesthetic feel to your room.  Some of the most common upholstery you’ll find for sofas are cotton, linen, olefin, silk, velvet, wool, and velvet. You should go through the pros and cons of each fabric to choose the right one and even how the sofa is tailored. Run your hand through the sofa to check if it stays in its place or not. If the sofa you are choosing has tassels and buttons make sure they are properly stitched. Don’t choose any sofa which has unfinished stitching. 


If you feel the edges of the sofa while you run your hand over it then the sofa is not of one of the best quality. If we talk about a good sofa, it should be well padded and comfortable to use. Paddings of the sofa wear out gradually, so opt for a sofa that consists of a thick layer of padding which should be soft and comfortable while you sit on it. 


If you are not checking the cushions of the sofa you are making a mistake which is commonly done by many. 

If you are choosing the best sofa for your home, make sure the cushions retain their shape themselves and even fit perfectly into the frame of the sofa. If you want to check the cushion quality, just press them for a few seconds and see if they keep their shape or not.  


The basic and most important thing you should keep in mind while buying a sofa is the size and shape of your room. Measure the area where you want to place your sofa, making sure you choose the shape of your sofa according to the shape of the room and interior of your room. This method will help you eliminate most of the sofas you’ll find in the furniture shop. 


While buying furniture, you will find the hole in your pocket increasing with every purchase. And buying a sofa can empty everything from your pocket. So it is necessary to set your budget before jumping right into buying a sofa. Choosing the right sofa is not necessarily expensive you can get smarter and choose the right one for your desired budget. The only thing you’ll have to do is to research a bit. You’ll find a great array of sofas in a pocket-friendly budget and that to of amazing quality. Shopping online is the best way to get the best deals, offers, and premium quality sofas with good research. 

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