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Social Media Automation Tool Features For Digital Marketing Agency

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The need to have a social media presence has become imperative for everyone. A brand especially cannot imagine marketing without social media occupying a large chunk of those efforts.

And you, as a digital marketing agency, exist to assist brands in this regard.

However, managing a social media marketing campaign spread across various platforms is often a tall order for digital marketing agencies to fulfill.

But keeping up is a necessity for their survival. All the cogs need to be in sync to make the machinery of an agency reach its optimal efficiency.

That’s why social media automation tools came into the picture and became a requisite for your agency.

This article will introduce to you the needs of a digital marketing agency for a social media automation tool. You will be enlightened knowing just how they can make your tasks easier and more efficient.

What is a Social Media Automation Tool?

In a nutshell, automation tools are just what their name suggests. They automate the tasks that you would otherwise do manually. In this particular case, such a tool can help you pre-plan and schedule all your social media posting activities.

Moreover, you can collaborate with your team and clients with much-increased efficiency, monitor public opinion about your brand, generate detailed reports of your account’s performance, and more.

Using an automation tool will streamline your social media marketing tasks to a certain level. However, to cover all of these functions, you have to pick a versatile tool.

Do you know what would be the perfect fit?

SocialPilot: The perfect Social Media Automation tool for Digital Marketing Agencies

SocialPilot knocks the ball out of the park when it comes to social media automation!

It comes as a blessing for marketing agencies because it makes working as a team, a cakewalk. It is a versatile social media automation tool that helps digital marketing agencies to keep up with their daily activity on different social media platforms.

Automating your posting on social profiles and managing multiple clients is a given. But it can provide you with insights that will change the way you operate forever.

Here’s a glimpse of things SocialPilot is capable of :

  • Customize your posts for different social media platforms from the same dashboard.
  • Powerful analytics to show how your social strategies are working.
  • Social inbox to maintain effective communication with your audience.
  • Curated content ideas gathered from keywords you want to target.
  • Scheduled automated report sharing with clients and team members periodically
  • A broad view of your content strategy through your social media content calendar.

5 Biggest Social Media Marketing Problems That SocialPilot Solves

Here I have compiled 5 of the biggest problems a digital marketing agency may face in social media marketing and how SocialPilot can be the answer to all of them.

1. Manage multiple accounts for multiple clients:

One of the biggest jobs of a digital marketing agency is to manage their client’s social media profile effectively.

The real challenge arises when you have many clients, and each of them has multitudes of social media accounts to manage. It’s really challenging to be consistent on all of them simultaneously.

Is it even possible if you strive to achieve it manually? Probably not.

There is a limited number of hours in a day and so much to do. Balancing the quantity and quality of content is an excruciating task. In addition, keeping up with the different tones and images of the profiles becomes overwhelming as the number of profiles goes up.

What you require is one space where you can access all the social accounts which you need to access. A system that can easily differentiate between platforms when scheduling or publishing.

SocialPilot fits the bill perfectly! We’ll show you how.

With SocialPilot, you can connect numerous social media accounts from different social media channels for every client. SocialPilot has all the social fronts covered from a single dashboard. Here are all the social platforms you can connect to your SocialPilot account:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • TikTok
  • Google Business Profile
  • VK
  • Tumblr

With our “Groups” feature, you can also club together all social media profiles for each client effectively. This is immensely helpful when you have to select the same cluster of accounts repeatedly to schedule the same post for them. All of that can be achieved with just one click.

Trust us; this prevents a lot of errors from being committed in a rush. It also enables the users to start scheduling quickly and decisively.

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