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Social Media Aggregators – What Are They And Their Importance

Marketers and website designers worldwide are busy deploying marketing strategies and plans to create visually appealing websites to hook their viewers so that it reflects in their conversion rates. The most prominent and upcoming strategy is embedding social feeds onto the website. 

It will enhance the look of the page and beautify it, which will be sufficient to get hold of the viewer’s attention span and effectively decrease the bounce rate.

However technical and complicated the embedding process sounds, it is not that difficult, thanks to the advent of social media aggregator tools. Let us dive in further to understand what the tool is.

What is an Aggregator Tool?

To make your website more visually appealing and add to its beauty quotient, one of the most important steps is to embed feeds from different and desirable social media platforms on your webpage to garner more traffic. These tools don’t require any pre-acquired technical expertise or coding knowledge.

It is now even more convenient with the help of social media aggregator tools. One of the most interesting aspects of a social media aggregator tool is the feature to embed widgets from various platforms, like Instagram Widget, Linkedin Widget, Twitter widget and more. It automatically keeps getting updated and are completely different from other feeds.

Some of the importance of the social media aggregator tool is highlighted below:

Why is it Important?

Here are some valuable insights into the importance of social media aggregator tools. It will help the reader to get the gist of the benefits of using the aggregator tools.

#1 Helps to collect User-Generated Content

Using a social media aggregator tool is vital as it makes garnering user-generated content easy. User-generated content is valuable feedback or reviews in the form of posts, pictures, videos, and comments to give a more detailed first-hand and personal touch to the brand’s marketing campaigns. Currently, User-Generated Content is booming, and all the viewers and potential consumers constantly look for validation and legitimacy, which is easily provided to them through this medium.

#2 Saves time and effort

According to a survey, about 42-45% of marketers admit they don’t have time to hunt down content. Thus, here is where a social media aggregator tool comes into the picture, which helps the user to collect, curate, and embed desired data from various sources. It is where the aggregator tools pitch in as saviours of the user’s time and efforts. Most tools have auto-update features, enabling users to collect and curate data effortlessly from their desired platform.

#3 Optimum content management

The tools also provide the optimum content management of the user’s webpage. The content published on the page goes through various processes of moderation and screenings, and profanity tests which are all included in the features of the tools. 

#4 Increases the conversion rates

When the content published can get hold of the viewers’ attention and grasp the small passage of their interest, this will eventually have a positive result in their increased conversion rates, and this will prove to be beneficial as the marketers would have successfully bridged the gap between their product stream and the potential consumer behind the screens.

#5 Enhances browsing experience

It is widely accepted that the new social media marketing strategy is to embed social media feeds widgets from different platforms. It is made accessible and convenient with the help of aggregator tools. No technical expertise are required to make an engaging website

End Note

The abovementioned are some vital insights that might help the reader better understand the Social media aggregator tool and use it to its full potential.

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