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SEO Software: Use Free Backlink Checker to Verify the Quality of Any Link to Your Site

In search engine optimization, backlinks are invaluable. That’s why link-hunting takes up the most of a website promoter’s time. It’s no longer viable to manually search for link sources. Use backlink checkers whether you’re investigating your own link profile or scanning the links of your competitors. For this reason, Free Backlink Checker applications are among the most widely used search engine optimization (SEO) tools.

Here is a collection of the most widely used Free Backlink Checker tools and programmes to assist you in your search (both free and paid).

Site Search via Yahoo!

The gold standard of Free Backlink Checker tools and very likely the most extensively utilised search engine optimization tool worldwide. You may quickly and easily check a site’s ranking profile with Yahoo! Site Explorer. Input the URL of the site you want to examine, and Site Explorer will immediately provide a list of sites that link to it.

It is possible to filter out any results that have a link to the same site or subdomain. The usage of site: and other advanced search operators is also possible. You can use the /-site: command to inspect and filter out links from a specific domain or from all domains using a given top-level domain (.coms,.edus, etc.)

Regardless of how many hyperlinks a website actually has, Yahoo! Site Explorer only allows you to check 1,000 of them at once.

Backlink Watch is an online tool for determining the number and quality of inbound links to a given website, as well as other relevant information that may be used for SEO analysis (such as the linking page’s title, the anchor text used in the link, whether or not the connection is dofollow). Since Yahoo! Site Explorer is used to compile the tool’s list of links, expanded or unique outcomes can hardly be anticipated.


Webconfs provides access to a wide variety of SEO tools that may be used at no cost. Two of them are tailored specifically to study backlinks. The first is an instrument known as an Anchor Text Analyzer for Free Backlink Checker. This tool reveals the domains that are linked to and the anchor texts used in those links. If a page has multiple links, each anchor text will be displayed. Another useful tool is Backlink Summary. As its name implies, it provides an overview of the domains that connect to a page and displays the total number of links on each.

Backlink Watch and the other tools at Webconf are both powered by Yahoo!, therefore the outcomes are identical and both are restricted to 1,000 links per domain.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit: SEOMoz, Majestic, and Linkscape

If you take SEO seriously, you should equip yourself with more reliable Free Backlink Checker that will allow you to investigate the link index in greater depth, examine more links, and collect more data for analysis. And that’s where things like SEO SpyGlass, Majestic SEO, and Linkscape come in. This trio of resources outperforms all other backlink checkers by a wide margin. SEO SpyGlass, in contrast to Majestic and Linkscape, queries a large number of search engines and makes use of complex search operators to discover additional links.

Indeed, there are merits to be found in both strategies. Even if the usage of in-house crawlers allows for a greater haul of backlinks, it raises costs for both the business and the customer. In addition, massive data collections are notoriously difficult to interpret and put to good use. With SEO SpyGlass, you can do limitless Free Backlink Checker at no extra cost, and the data you obtain is more actionable, but your link profile will be a little lower because you’ll only get the links that search engines display.

Find the top link partners in your field with the help of a free backlink checker. Also, try using these SEO tools to help you speed up your work optimising your website.

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