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SEO and UX: what is URL rewriting?


The URL or Uniform Resource Locator is the address of a site or a web page. The URL is used to access a site in order to distinguish it from other sites. Being essential in the context of IT and the web, the URL can be modified or corrected according to the constraints of search engines and your needs and those of your target audience. This is the concept of URL rewriting. Let’s analyze this topic further.

What exactly does URL rewriting mean?

URL rewriting literally means URL rewriting in French. This is a process of making changes, full or partial, to an existing URL. These changes may be the result of a technical incident that occurs on your site.

They may also relate to your new vision and goals. In some cases, making changes to a URL is purely and simply one of the constraints of search engines like Google.

A partial modification of a URL may be the modification of its extension: .org to .com, .fr to .eu, etc. In the case of the URL of a page, this action is nothing other than the replacement of certain keywords by other keywords.

A full URL change involves replacing one domain name with another.

The default URL: what do you need to know?
When you upload a web page, especially an article, it is possible that the CMS you are using generates a default URL. No URL created automatically by a CMS is good. A change is then necessary.
There are websites that denigrate their URLs and they don't make any changes to it. Consequently, these are presented for example as follows: “https://www.url-rewriting.com/php?id!%&75pagetext” or “https://url-rewriting.com/dossier1/fichier1. html”
Such forms of URLs seem to be very inconvenient for visitors to your site and can therefore deteriorate the user experience. If you don't know how to modify your URL, you can get help from an SEO agency seo.
Why create a custom URL?
Simply put, a URL is non-personalized when it is default. As already mentioned, a default web address puts the user experience at stake. This can greatly reduce the conversion rate.
It actually drives visitors away because it appears to be a URL that does not lead to a value-added page. A custom URL is very readable compared to a default URL.
In addition, search engines favor personalized URLs in their ranking criteria. To illustrate this point, let’s take the following example: your domain name is “https://www.url-rewriting.com. You have a page focused on website creation. It goes without saying that “https://www.url-rewriting.com/creation-site-web” is more effective than “https://www.urlrewriting.com/php?$8!%creation=&ùsite-§: !web »
How to create an effective vanity URL?
Now you know how much you need to personalize your URL(s). In the end, you just need to know how to create an effective vanity URL for SEO and user experience. Here are some essential tips that will surely help you:
Ø Keep it short and simple: simplicity always appeals to Internet users. Similarly, a short URL is easy to remember. This is the case of the following URL: “https://www.url-rewriting.com/blog/marketing-mix”.
Ø Avoid Diacritical Marks: Even if you avoid the default URL, diacritical marks are still within your reach, but refrain from using them. It is clear that this URL made up of many diacritics is annoying to you: “https://www.urlrewriting.com/php?$8!%creation=&ùsite-§:!web”.
Ø Do not use numbers: numbers are also always available to you, but whenever possible, do not use them so as not to compromise the customer experience. Somehow, you're better off using them only when it's unavoidable. This may be the case with titles such as “Top 10 of…”, “5 tips for…”, “The 10 most… web designers…”
Ø Insert the target keyword: if you are an SEO or SEO writing AS, you do not deprive yourself of the use of a target keyword. Embed it in your URL so your entire page carries SEO weight and easily ranks on the first page of Google's SERPs.
In short, URL rewriting is a process of rewriting an existing URL in order to make it more readable by Internet users and more SEO optimized in the eyes of search engines.

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