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Select the best on demand streaming app development company

Technological advancements bring revolution and companies create the best digital products. Similar to the tech innovations, on demand streaming features in the digital app improves performance. 

Brands with streaming content features require multiple services. They hire top-notch development companies with content security measures to scale the business. 

The article contains details considering quality services required for updating the live streaming application.

Solutions that improve VOD services

Brands have major three aims; audience engagement, market share, & increase in users. Services that help brands with these objectives are highly preferred and adopted. 

1) Digital Rights Management:

Short for DRM, it is very useful for ed-tech & entertainment related businesses. It provides security measures that allow brands to eliminate unauthorized users from accessing premium content. 

Moreover, DRM support is helpful with protecting content streaming and preventing online theft & illegal attempts to hack. Brands in the ed-tech sector prefer DRM to secure their educational on demand streaming content. 

It not only improves security measures but also builds users trustability with the brand that leads to positive word-of-mouth. Here are some key features of robust DRM services:

  1. Prohibits unauthorized attempts of stealing the content.
  2. Limits the no. of times content can be consumed.
  3. Prevents unauthorized devices/ users to access the video content.
  4. Provide passkeys to secure the premium content for brands.
  5. Easy accessibility to consume the content. 
  6. Robust watermarking improves the content security. 

2) AWS cloud services

Amazon web services are much helpful for content streaming platforms. Being a globally recognized platform, AWS provides more than 200 services that help multiple brands like Netflix, Disney, etc. On demand streaming gets better with AWS cloud storage, data security, broader content distribution, & flawless streaming services. 

However, clients need custom AWS solutions, therefore, certified AWS partners along with development services are hired. For instance, service offerings of AppSquadz, leading OTT platform app development company provides robust AWS media services. Such services are helpful in delivering streaming on demand content flawlessly. As a result brands get an audience with increased time span. 

Some helpful AWS services for brands with content streaming applications:

  1. AWS CloudFront, robust content delivery network for broader content streaming. 
  2. AWS S3, for cloud storage, helps with storing confidential & related users’ data.
  3. AWS live software development helps with feature updates in existing applications. 

Factors to look before hiring development companies:

Top on demand streaming services mentioned above are not offered by every development company. On the contrary, if these are offered, ensure you’ve invested at the right place. 

1) Tech expertise

Industry experts and developers understand ways to implement the mentioned services in the existing applications. As it is challenging to create the best VOD services application. Therefore, only professional talents must be hired.  

2) Services offered

Moreover, as mentioned above, not all development companies have certified AWS partnership. Therefore, ensure that they have AWS media services along with robust digital rights management services. It helps in boosting the overall app’s performance. 

3) Analyze portfolio & case studies

Moreover, on demand streaming application development must be done considering creativity & problem solving skills of developers. Because, there is cut-throat competition in the content streaming business, irrespective of the sectors. 

4) Non-tech skills 

Continuing with the above one, when you analyze portfolio & case studies, understand how they helped existing clients with creative solutions. Streaming on demand gets better with non-technical skills like decision making, time management, & creative solutions.

By adopting the top OTT streaming app development company, here are some major benefits brands get in the long run:

a) Improves Revenues

Entertainment & education industry works on constant tech updates, therefore, providing such quality services improves the users retention rates. 

Consequently, it helps in improving the on demand streaming application’s subscription. As a result, the brand enhances the profit ratio in the long run.

b) Increase market share

Ed-tech brands with content streaming features also want to improve their market share. When services like DRM along with AWS cloud boost the users experience, brands get to increase their market share. 

c) Opportunities to grab funds

The app development does not limit with the enhancement of VOD services but also help in increasing fund flow of the brand, in the long run. 

As business scalability covers all aspects from increased revenues, market share to improved customer base. Brands with their success ratio attract potential investors. Resulting, better possible business opportunities. 

d) Options to make a pivot

Continuing with the above point, business along with the improved on demand streaming & fund flow tap the untouched markets/ segments. For instance, ed-tech brands with educational content streaming could enter into offline education. Therefore, when the hiring process begins, make sure to do research in finding the top talents. 

Wrap Up

The blog helps you identify measures to hire the best OTT streaming application development company. To save your time, we recommended VideoCrypt that provides robust DRM along with AWS certified partnership. It is a product backed by AppSquadz, a leading on demand streaming app development company with over 850 mobile app deliveries that would help you develop a top-notch content streaming platform.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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