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As a business owner, you can use many cybersecurity solutions to secure your business online. While some of these solutions may appear a bit huge, the cost of not investing in such products could come off much more than you ever expect.

In fact, to describe how porous this is, some describe it as leaving your car keys on the ignition while leaving your car doors wide open in a car park several kilometers away, doing shopping. No wonder Cybercrime Magazine predicts about $10.5 trillion to be lost to cybercrime around the world by 2025!

This figure far exceeds the proceeds generated from the combined global trade of all major illegal drugs!

Indicating that all private individuals and business owners must ensure to deploy reliable means to support their cybersecurity posture. DNS Filter software for your network security is very important. It avoids cyber attacks, unwarranted network access, data loss, and identity theft.

Some parts of cybersecurity include network security, application security, operational security, email security, disaster recovery, and information security. It should be maintained to help withstand phishing, malware, ransomware, and social engineering threats.


The reason companies must create measures to secure their resources is revealed in a report on World Economic Forum, with cyber threats being rated as the fifth top-rated risk in 2020. Furthermore, the figure is projected to rise with attacks to double by 2025.

So, if you operate a growing startup, you should be prepared for a constantly evolving landscape in the digital space. The pandemic created a lot of cybercrime escalation, primarily due to the sudden rise in remote systems.

Cybercrime, therefore, rose by 600% because of the pandemic. In addition, because of the pandemic, impacting virtually every industry is leveraging the internet. So, tightening your cybersecurity infrastructure with the right solutions is essential to help combat attacks.

Most organizations are also integrating cloud-native security models such as SASE which deploys multiple network and security solutions through a single cloud-based delivery method and since NordLayer provides SASE solution, many companies have received the latest solutions to their network and security needs. Also, you can consider these latest solutions for your cybersecurity needs.


Google Cloud Security is a smart and efficient cybersecurity solution for business owners. It allows businesses to enjoy the best Google security in their network and on hybrid and on-premises deployments.

With Google Cloud, you can detect, monitor, and halt threat activities on your network before it worsens and results in a considerable loss. So, get started by protecting your applications, data, and users by leveraging their various tools, including the secure-by-design infrastructure which Google depends on, security analytics and operations, and Web App and API Protection to protect your business from potential attacks in the future.


When hackers try to break into your system, they consider multiple angles for their attack. However, complex-integrated security systems such as the Fortinet Security Fabric will help to prevent such attacks from being successful.

Fortinet Security Fabric is a robust security solution built with a complex security network ecosystem that assesses risks and repeatedly adjusts to deliver detailed real-time security across the attack cycle and surface. As a result, the FSF is ideal for large companies with a deep and vast system


Email is one of the most prominent target points of cybercriminals. Through phishing attacks, many organizations have lost sensitive data and businesses. This is one of the solutions Proofpoint email security helps to solve. It uses machine learning-enabled technology to detect and pin down threats that may have bypassed other security software and bars those that do not involve malicious payload, such as business email compromise (BEC), also known as impostor email, which is popularly used by cybercriminals.


Syxsense is a cloud-based vulnerability scanner with end-to-end security scanning and several other security features. Some of these help Quarantine Devices uncover, block, and evacuate malicious and infected activities before they spread and badly affect other areas—in essence, Patch everything!

This cybersecurity solution is flaunted as the only solution that offers you Unified security and endpoint management solution by reducing your exposure to threats and attacks with insights from their security scanner. This scanner scans your antivirus status, authorization issues, and security implementation.

It enables robust Zero Trust policies to provide access to only trusted and authorized access requests. In addition, you can deploy OS and third-party patches with this software, including Windows 10 Feature Updates, and it can be easily accessed from anywhere around the globe.


According to Cisco, ‘security means never having to think about security.’ Instead, the website prides itself on its ability to handle today’s threats while evolving for the future.

It offers secure access without trade-offs, delivers on Zero Trust, and deploys security that blocks access to attackers. The Zero Trust feature eliminates the trade-off between productivity and security. The Cisco Extended Threat Detection and Response XDR feature offers a move toward greater security efficiency and resiliency when adopted. Cisco security is also a cloud-based solution that retains the integrity of your existing ecosystem by utilizing its cloud-neutral technique.

This security software combines security functions in the cloud to protect everyone, secure access to clouds and applications, and protect everywhere users and devices are situated.


Over 40,000 companies around the globe actively use Mimecast security. It is an AI-powered security solution that leveraged analysis of more than 1.3 billion emails daily to drive intelligent analysis of the “unknown” and evacuates malicious emails at a scale. In addition, the software’s advanced collaboration and email security optimize the effectiveness of your security posture and help you make smarter decisions on communications that may be prone to malicious tendencies.

Mimecast solution is a security companion for your daily activities and work environment. It also provides additional business-critical security to M365 and Google Workspace. In addition, it gives companies and private users a layer of protection that shields their resources from increasingly sophisticated attacks while making email continuity available simultaneously to ensure a progressive work system.

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