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10 Amazing Uses of Virtual Reality 


Science and technology have made strides towards revolutionizing the world around us. It has sought to make human lives easier and far more seamless than one could have ever imagined.  

Virtual reality or in short VR is probably one of the most significant aspects of the development of technology. It has made its way from the escape rooms in Tempe to even making the process of dental checkups less painful than earlier. In this article, let us take a look at some of the innovative ways in which we have successfully incorporated virtual reality today. 

  1. To hire and train your employees 

VR technology has facilitated different companies to introduce a significantly efficient hiring procedure. Now, they can expose their new employees to real-life working situations and hurdles, to notice how their employees tackle them!  

From the perspective of the employees, it poses the advantage of getting a hands-on experience of what their work life will feel like. Thus, they can understand whether or not they are ready to work for the job at hand. Training your employees will also become easier with the help of VR technology!   

  1. Bid goodbye to painful dental checkups  

Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2014/08/26/21/54/dentist-428646__340.jpg 

The use of VR in dental checkups allows dentists to wade off the fear that their patients are perpetually tormented with! VR headgears used in dental checkups can facilitate patients by keeping them easily distracted from the anxiety that they otherwise feel.  

Even a study conducted recently revealed how those dental patients wearing VR headgears felt lesser pain than those who weren’t. The soothing scenes that the VR headgears showed them helped in successfully diverting their minds and reducing their levels of anxiety.  

  1. In the escapades  

Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2020/04/02/14/03/virtual-reality-4995294__340.jpg 

Escape games have turned upside down with the incorporation of VR tech. VR has helped make these games even more realistic and immersive than one may have ever imagined!  

Owners can now easily cut down their expenditures each time they wish to bring in a new theme since they don’t have to pull down the entire room anymore! Instead, all they need to do is get hold of a new VR-enabled escape game.  

  1. Team collaboration  

Team coordination and collaboration is a vital factors, especially with companies that have remotely-working employees. The use of VR tech allows companies to bring their geographically distanced employees to close together under one shed.  

For instance, companies can now host team meetings or team activities using VR headgears. It will help them bring together their employees and nurture their collaborative potential effectively. 

  1. To help paraplegics regain bodily functionalities  

Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2015/05/02/14/05/wheelchair-749985__340.jpg 

A recent study conducted by Duke University revealed how the use of VR tech could be of significant advantage for paraplegic patients. They were made to put on VR headgears and thereafter asked to wade across a virtual setup of a stadium in the role of a soccer player.  

The study proved that this activity could help paraplegics regain some of their brain control as they tried to move their legs. A little control over the movement of their legs could be observed in some patients, while others became partial paraplegics from full paraplegics!  

  1. To treat PTSD 

PTSD patients are generally treated with exposure therapy, where they have to remember their traumas and visualize them through their imaginative faculties. While they re-experience their traumas, they also tell their doctors of the same.  

Now, with the help of VR headgears, patients can step inside a virtual world that has custom-made elements in it. Then, patients have to remember and recount their experiences to doctors.  

  1. To train medical students 

With the utilization of VR tech, the process of training medical students has become rather efficient and seamless than ever before. They can now experience and learn their work more proficiently than they otherwise did.  

Given that they now train in a virtual setup, students can easily increase their hours of practice. They can also learn and acquire greater proficiency than usual in conducting delicate surgeries successfully. The risk factor over the lives of real-life patients can also be avoided now.  

  1. Pain Management  

The use of VR tech in the medical field has allowed doctors to help reduce the pain that their patients feel during any surgery. A study conducted in 2011 showed how the use of VR-enabled games allowed patients to efficiently cope with the pain of the surgery.  

  1. To treat anxiety attacks 

Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/05/08/07/59/virtual-reality-2294691__340.jpg 

There is a particular VR-enabled game titled “Deep.” The game has proven to be immensely efficient in helping patients who suffer from anxiety attacks.  

The VR game generally exposes players to a natural setup and takes the players through different deep belly breathing exercises. The exercises help the players successfully combat their fears and anxiety.  

  1. To develop social skills in autistic patients 

The use of VR can help autistic patients boost their brain functions and social skills efficiently over time. It can help them to manage their conditions better than earlier.  

It takes the patients through different social circumstances and relies on different medical and psychological training to bring out their best behavior. It provides the space for autistic patients to practice their responses to different social situations before they happen for real.  

Now, these are just a few different uses of VR technology that you will find around you today. However, given that technology is perpetually developing and changing the world for the better, one can come across several other fantastic and useful usages of VR in our world today!

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