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RTS TV APK Download (Latest Version) v9.9 for Android


RTS TV is the name of a video streaming Android app. You may access more than a thousand domestic and international television stations using it. However, the vast bulk of its products is largely targeted at Asian customers. Download this tiny program if you want to watch live TV online. After that, use the real-time sports data on your phone. While listening to the radio, watch comedy, dramas, movies, cartoons, and religious programming. You might think of it as a godsend because there are no ongoing bills or monthly fees. An option that simply needs a live data connection is an IPTV app.

There is no ignoring the numerous similarities between Mr. TV and RTS TV. The main goal of these programs is to offer free live broadcasting. Actually, you could stop watching TV and use these applications instead. You can also watch videos online. Download them, have fun with them, and so on.

Although there are many streaming apps accessible today, each one has a certain function. They either broadcast live TV, radio, movies, sports networks, or other forms of entertainment. However, it could be difficult to find material from other countries. One must subscribe in order to continuously use premium internet services. These superior paid platforms are facing competition from free applications for market share. As there are so many options available for free, smartphone consumers prefer not to pay for expensive subscriptions. Please grab the freebies right away if you love them as well.

Features of RTS TV:

Now, watch all cable/dish antenna channels online at no cost using your mobile phone. In the presence of a stable data connection, buffering will not irritate you. Finally, let jot down all its services, benefits, or features.

  • Live TV: You get 1000+ live TV channels from almost all Asian countries. Indian, Bengali, Pakistani, Tamil, Telugu, and a few Canadian & US television channels are enjoyable on this platform.
  • All Genres: These television channels belong to the Sports, Kids, Educational, Religious, Entertainment, News, Movies, and Science categories. Indeed, many others are also present besides it.
  • Live Sports: Similarly, enjoy your favorite sports channels in multiple languages. Live Cricket, Football, Leagues, Tournaments, Championships, World Cups, etc., are available on your phone.
  • Radio: If you need some kind of pleasant music in your surroundings, then play any of the radio channels. Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, and other local programs will entertain you while traveling or at home.
  • TV Shows/Movies: Additionally, search for your required movie or a television show when you feel bored. And play it in high or low quality depending on your data limitations and speeds.


Even if there are already numerous streaming applications available, each one serves a certain purpose. They all transmit live entertainment, including live radio, live television, live movies, live sports networks, and more. However, it could be challenging to locate materials from other nations. To continually use premium internet services, one must subscribe. Free applications are challenging these superior paid platforms for market share. Smartphone users prefer not to pay for pricey subscriptions because there are so many options available for free. If you agree, take advantage of the deals as soon as you can.

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