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Rise with SAP – The Ultimate Guide to SAP Solutions

RISE with SAP is the latest offering by SAP that is positioned as a business transformation-as-a-service. It uses advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, no-code automation, and other process automation tools to help enterprises become intelligent by using the available data better. Moreover, it can be customized according to the specific user requirements and provide a level playing field to even small enterprises.

As it is relatively new in the market, enterprises lack information to confidently adopt it as the primary tool for data management. This article aims to fill this information gap and will discuss the benefits and components of RISE.

Benefits of RISE with SAP

It becomes easier to transition to new technologies when you know what makes them superior. The following section outlines the advantages RISE offers and makes a strong case in its favor.


It provides a hassle-free user experience by eliminating the need to sign separate contracts for different products. It bundles all of them in a single offer at a cost-effective price. Moreover, since all the tools are part of a single package, time is not wasted in searching. Immediate onboarding is possible.


It has been developed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes-small, medium, and large. As your company expands its operations, the volume of data will also increase, which can be easily managed by RISE.


RISE with SAP supports innovation and helps enterprises in their digital transformation journey, making them intelligent. It performs real-time analytics to enable businesses to make informed decisions. It also allows constant monitoring and improvement by studying business data to identify what is working and what is not.


You can integrate RISE functionalities with all business activities, ranging from finance, operations, sales, and accounting to customer relationship management and much more.


RISE with SAP takes care of your security needs by protecting your data from unauthorized access. For resolving safety concerns, you also get access to support services from SAP.


No heavy initial investment is required to enjoy these services. Only periodic subscription charges are to be paid as it is based on a subscription model.

Solutions Included in RISE with SAP

RISE combines various SAP solutions to create an easy-to-use tool. Mentioned below is a list of components that are part of RISE and what they entail for you:

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Suite

It helps you easily migrate the data and manage the S/4HANA cloud, which is characterized by high speed and superior processing power. Cloud facility is available in private as well as public editions. You can also automate and integrate cloud processes with other applications.

System Hosting Options

You can select the hyperscaler partner of your choice from Microsoft, Google Cloud, and AWS; you thus get to enjoy outcome-based services. In the future, SAP also plans to collaborate with other strategic players to give more cloud-hosting options to customers.

SAP Business Network Starter Pack

You can connect your cloud with Asset Intelligence Network (to exchange information about asset use), Ariba network (to cooperate with suppliers), and Logistics Business Network (to find the best freight partner). As a result, you end up optimizing the entire value chain of your business.

SAP BTP Consumption Credits

The Business Technology Platform (BTP) includes the SAP cloud platform plus other intelligent technologies focusing on analytics, application development, integration with non-SAP solutions, database, and data management. You can compare your practices with industry standards to stay ahead of the competition.

Business Process Intelligence

With this starter pack, you can identify issues with your business processes. You will get customized recommendations, which, if adopted, can lead to a culture of continuous improvement. With components like analyze, design and simulate, roll out and govern, etc., you can achieve better results.

Final Thoughts

The potential of RISE with SAP needs to be utilized fully, as it holds promise for the future. To help firms usher in the digital era boldly, SAP has tried to keep the procedure to get started with RISE as simple as possible. To set yourself up, you can contact consulting firms, system integrators, resellers, software partners, etc. You should make this selection carefully.

If you’re looking for SAP solutions companies, TJC is a good option. They offer solutions like decommissioning of legacy systems, SAP data archiving, SAP content management, etc. Holding vast experience, they are compliant with legal and regulatory specifications. Partnering with them for RISE will provide you with seamless integration. Contact them today to learn how they can assist you.

Ahsan Khan
Ahsan Khan
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