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Review the Snoopza Free Invisible Keylogger for Android

In today’s technologically advanced era it has become necessary for parents to find a free invisible keylogger for Android to track the usage of mobile phones by their kids. Today you can get anything just by clicking your mouse similarly several dangers are also a few clicks away from your kids when they use an Android phone in their adolescent years.

In such conditions, most parents, worried for the safety and future of their kids, search for some tool that can allow them to track the mobile phones of their children.

Snoopza is a phone tracking app, specially designed to track Android phones, which can help parents to keep an eye on the online activities of their loved ones.

Information provided hereunder will help you to know this spy app more closely.

Why do parents use the free invisible keylogger for Android?

Today Android phones are extensively used by youngsters.

Most of them use their phone for unproductive purposes like playing games, watching movies and other similar things of entertainment or for chatting with their friends, etc.

Some of them are also involved in watching adult materials available online which can be harmful to them at this young age.

All such things distract them from their education and social responsibilities.

The excessive use of mobile phones and the internet can also cause certain dangerous situations when youngsters share their personal information online without considering their pros and cons.

So, to control their kids, parents usually use a free invisible keylogger for Android like Snoopza, etc.

What types of teen control exist?

Free invisible keylogger for Android like Snoopza can help the parents to record the calls made and received by their children, without being noticed by them as it is completely invisible.

They can also monitor the online activities of their kids including the use of social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc.

This traking app can also be used by the parents to check up to 5 devices at a time from one account with Snoopza, including cell phones and tablets, etc.

They can also check the text and visual messages like SMS and MMS received, sent, and stored on their Android mobile phones

Why is it convenient to use a free invisible keylogger for Android?

It is convenient for the parents to use a hidden keylogger app because it allows them to track the activities of their kids on their cell phones without getting exposed to them.

Youngsters usually use their Android phones for useless purposes when they know that no one is observing them which in turn can affect their productivity.

The keylogger like Snoopza allows the parents to monitor the mobile phones of their kids as they may be wasting their time watching useless things or wandering without any purpose.

Parents can also use this app to know the correct location and online activities of their children.

What are the main free Features of the application that will be useful to parents?

The basic version of Snoopza offers some of the main features which parents can use for free may include:

Track Calls They can track the calls received and made from the Android phone of their children.Track Internet History Parents can also track the history of usage of the internet through their kid’s phones.
Manage SMS SMS received and sent can be viewed and managed by the parents.Geo-location Feature They can also know the geographic location of their kids.

What paid features of the application will be useful to parents?


The standard version of Snoopza offers some of the paid features like:

Record Calls This feature can be used to record the calls received and made by the kids.Check Contacts This feature allows you to check the contact list on the phone of your children.
Viber spy It can track the usage of the kid’s Viber account.Stealth Mode You can use this feature to track the secret messages stored on the phone.
Facebook spy This feature can be used to track kids’ activities o Facebook accounts.Track to-do List You can also track the to-do list on the phone of your children.
WhatsApp spy This feature helps in tracking the video and audio messages shared through Whatsapp.Track Camera This feature allows the parents to see the images and videos captured by the camera of the phone.
Snapchat spy The activities on the Snapchat platform can be tracked through this feature.Detect SIM card replace This feature will allow the parents whether the sim card has been replaced by the kids and when.
Screenshots You can also check the screenshots shared by your kids. 

What do you need to know to install the application on your phone?

Parents can install the invisible keylogger for Android, Snoopza, on their phone in just three simple steps including:

  1. Sign Up

They will have to create an online account with Snoopza for free by signing up on its official site with their email address and password.

  • Install Snoopza

Now use your account to install this app on the target mobile phone of your child, which may take a few seconds to complete the task.

  • How to Log In

You can start tracking the phone of your kid just by logging in to your online account. You can track the calls received and made, location of the phone, web history, screenshots, SMS, etc.

Pricing policy

The basic version of Snoopza offers a limited range of features that can be used by anyone for free.

PlanBasic PlanStandardProfessional
1 MonthFree$14.95$29.95
3 MonthsFree$34.95$49.95
1 YearFree$99.95$99.95

The Standard version of this keylogger offers a wide range of tracking features which can be availed by paying a monthly fee of $14.95 or an annual fee of $99.95.

Pros and cons of such free invisible keylogger

It can be used to know the exact location of the device of your kids It can help in monitoring the messages instantly. This application can be used for freeIt is compatible only with Android devices You must have the target device physically to install this application

Conclusions and results

Thus, Snoopza is a very helpful application for parents who want to control the usage of mobile phones by their kids.

This free invisible keylogger for Android can help them in protecting themselves as well as their kids from unwanted situations that can occur due to misuse of the phone.

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