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Review of OldIronSidesFakes ph

IS, also known as “old ironside fakes,” is a company that sells fake IDs and is known for its easy-to-use interface. In recent years, the vendor became popular because of their low prices and new state templates.

Old IronSides Fakes Overview

Overall, their performance has been about average. The fact that customers have complained and packages have been seized all over the US shows how hard they are working to become reliable. Blogs have said different things about fakes of Old Ironsides. But we haven’t had any strong feelings about their products.

Confused and Lost

Our list of the Top Fake ID Sites gives OIS a 2.5/5. The things we look at are also brought up by their customers in a number of forums.

Their real name has been a mystery for a long time. Since they’ve changed their domain extensions more than once, it’s hard for a newbie to figure out which Old Ironside Fakes is the real one.

Here is a list of all the websites that claim to be the real one right now.

  • https://oldironsidesfake.com/
  • https://oldironsidesfakes.com/

These websites are fake and try to look like the real ones. They are owned by a group of people who work together to run scams. So, don’t get caught in this trick.

We recommend that you use the real “OIS,” whose website is “old ironside fakes ph” Once you do that, you can also read our review below. We rate their products with an open mind, and our fake ID ranking system doesn’t make any kind of concessions when deciding how to rank them.

The new Iowa ID hasn’t lived up to our expectations when it comes to how it works. Last month, OIS said that they will be offering the new Iowa license.

Aside from that, they offer North American ID cards and a few Canadian licenses. Since most of our conversations with customers and reviews are about US state IDs, we only looked at the Iowa license.

There are many things that need to be fixed. The laminate cover of the Iowa ID card was missing.

We expected OIS to do the same, since Polycarbonate is now the main printing material for most new companies. The ID we got from them turned out to be printed on Teslin.

The package also took two weeks to get there. Their customer service team took almost a week to answer our tickets.

One thing is clear: people who sell fake IDs don’t care about how long it takes to ship. They are proud of their ads and the big promises they make to their customers, but your package will be late.

So, if you order from this seller, don’t be surprised if there are delays you didn’t expect. Bars in the US spend a lot of money on safety. So, installing scanners with high-tech features.

The user goes on to say that the scanner was not a very advanced piece of tech. It was actually just a normal scanner at a liquor store.

This shows that fakes from OIS may be cheaper, but they are not worth anything if they don’t have the right features.

Several reviews show that their customers are upset with them. They make mistakes at random, which shows that their staff and the sales department don’t talk to each other well.

Should you buy from Old IronSides Fakes?

We’ll let you decide. You can try them out if you want an ID that costs between 30 and 40 USD. There’s a good chance that their fakes will be taken away. They have many problems. Out-of-state students should have almost no chance of passing. You can play jokes with their licenses or give them as gifts. But they’re not the ones who really matter in this game.

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Ahsan Khan
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