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Review of Nuuly Subscription

Women’s apparel subscription company Nuuly offers non-committal rentals so you can try out more than 150 brands each month. Customers have the choice to test new fashions or return their favorite goods and receive a discount on them. Popular brands like Free People and Urban Outfitters are available via the subscription service.

For their environmentally friendly approach to subscription fashion, Nuuly has highlighted on Forbes, VOX Inc., and Green Matters. Over 53k Instagram followers have attracted to the business thanks to their sustainable business practices and a vast range of brands.

In-depth information about the company. Its membership procedures, and customer experiences. And more will be provided in this Nuuly subscription review. To assist you in deciding whether or not you would like to try out a subscription service.

Overview of Nuuly

The URBN family of businesses includes Nuuly promo code in addition to Urban Outfitters, Free Nation, and Anthropologie. URBN continues to uphold its commitment to encouraging customers. To define themselves via their wardrobes and home furnishings. By offering unique and creative home goods and clothing.

A Nuuly X Anthropologie collection, the Nuuly Urban Outfitters selections, plus numerous other brands with whom the company is associated available on the website. These brands include Anna Sui, Electric and Rose, and Mod Cloth, along with a Nuuly maternity area for expectant mothers.

URBN’s strategy to make sure the brand was built in a sustainable or environmentally responsible manner when Nuuly was founded in 2019. The company takes care of washing and repairing clothes. As part of its rental business strategy. Which not only increases the lifespan of the clothing they supply.

The method used by Nuuly makes sure that the apparel may worn over long periods of time and is cleaned with water and energy-saving techniques.

By alternating between using reusable clothing bags produced from post-consumer plastic. Nuuly has successfully eliminated the use of over one million single-use plastic bags.

We’ll now go over some advantages and disadvantages of the brand in this Nuuly evaluation.


  • There are 150+ labels available, including well-known favorites like Anthropologie or For Love and Lemons.
  • Reusable clothing bags can help reduce the use of plastic bags.
  • Supports companies like Not Another Label that adopt sustainable methods

that use water- and energy-saving cleaning techniques

  • Affordable $88 subscription service plan
  • Anytime, you can pause and cancel your subscription plan.
  • Free returns and delivery


  • Exclusively accessible in the US
  • Due to shipping delays, some customers said they were unable to fully utilize their plans.
  • Not every type is always in stock because it is occasionally rented, and purchasers must wait until the item restocked.

The Functions of Nuuly

A very simple company model is Nuuly. Simply choose any six pieces from their selection that you adore, wear them, and give them back. That’s how simple it is! Imagine getting clothing from a friend, but not having to worry about dry washing them first.

You have the choice to buy one of your selected things at a reduced cost if you really adore it. Bid adieu to friendships that were damaged by borrowed clothing that never returned.

Rentals by Nuuly Clothing

Well, how Nuuly work? Create an account on Nuuly.com, develop your profile, or subscribe using a credit card. Nuuly will bill your credit card for the first month’s payment when you confirm your account. Start having fun now!

On the internet, browsing the options can take hours. You must choose at least 6 products, and there is an extra charge for adding more than that. Your order will shipped as soon as you’ve made your selections and confirmed your shipment.

Make sure you’ve chosen the appropriate items before clicking the confirm button. Since once you do. Your choice is final and you cannot amend it or reverse it.

Nuuly ships by UPS, and UPS will let you know when your order leaves the warehouse. They’ll also send any updates by text or email along the journey. Your package from Nuuly will come with a reusable bag. This bag must keep because it is necessary for returning products.

Your order from Nuuly comes with a prepaid UPS label that needs to apply to a package for the return trip.

Monthly Nuuly Subscription

Nuuly offers monthly subscriptions. You can activate your account ahead of schedule. But your subscription payment will still go out on the first day of the month. That comes after the one you unlocked ahead of schedule.

If, for instance, you open your January order early on the 2nd and your billing date is the 15th of each month, your subsequent payment won’t processed until the 15th of April until you unlock that order early as well. Your actual billing date is not subject to change.

You have the option to pause or terminate your account whenever you need to. Your account can put on hold for 1, 2, or 3 months with the option to extend it on a month-to-month basis.

For instance, if your 2 pause is over & you need to extend it for one further month. You can do so by going to your account and choosing “Extend Pause.”

Additionally, you can early unpause your account. In this situation, the day on which you chose to “Unpause” your account. Will now serve as your official billing date. Simply click “Cancel Subscription” on your account page to end your subscription.

You must send any Nuuly things you may have at home back before pressing the “Cancel” button. In contrast, a Nuuly subscription review discovered that you will billed automatically for an additional month if UPS doesn’t scan your packages before your subsequent paying date.

You get access to a vast selection of well-known and emerging companies with the Nuuly subscription plan. You’re likely to find something you love & that will have you coming back with a variety of styles. Ranging from simple tees to flowing, bohemian gowns.

The next section of this Nuuly subscription review will examine the features of their Women’s Monthly Subscription plan. Nuuly does not offer subscriptions or clothing for males.

What Does Nuuly Cost?

Nuuly’s Monthly Subscription is $88. The cost of each item, including shipping, returns, cleaning, or any necessary repairs, comes to about $15. There is an extra charge of $18 for each additional item. You would like to order, up to a total of 2.

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