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Recover Your Lost Data with iTop Data Recovery Software

Losing your data catches most of us by surprise, leaving most of us stranded in case you lose crucial files. In the past, data loss was permanent and with your files gone meant you had to start from scratch with your files. That is no longer the case, as data recovery software comes to your rescue.

As the name hints, the software will help you recover your lost data. There are plenty of such programs in the market, including iTop Data Recovery software, which is one of the best. Let us have a deeper look at this tool and how it will help you retrieve your lost files.

Introduction To iTop Data Recovery

This data recovery software is a product of iTop, a renowned brand that deals with computing tools, such as a VPN and a smart game booster. If you have accidentally lost your data, this iTop utility will come to your aid to help you restore your files back to your device.

To use it you start by downloading it on your device. You visit iTop Data Recovery’s website to get the software. As a first-time user, you can go for the free version, where you use it for trial purposes to check its capabilities. Later, you can upgrade to the premium plans to enjoy amazing recovery resources at great discounts.

How To Recover Data Using iTop Data Recovery

iTop Data Recovery is an easy-to-use utility, an attribute you notice from downloading to getting your lost files. After installation, you launch it to start the data restoration process. You have to select the scan mode, which will look for your data. Here, you select the file location or file type then you initiate the scanning.

Preview the files then restore them. You can see how simple it is to restore your data using this iTop tool. 

Features Of iTop Data Recovery

This iTop product is easily one of the best data recovery software that you can lay your hands on, supported by its vast array of features. Below are some features of this software that you will love.

Fast Data Recovery

You do not have to wait for ages to restore your data. This recovery tool is fast and takes a few minutes to recover your files. iTop data recovery has a robust algorithm that boosts processing speed.


This utility is very adaptable, which you notice in many areas, like its ability to recover data from different loss situations. It can recover data lost from device crashes, accidental deletion, malware attacks, and more.

Also, it works with various storage devices, such as hard drives, cameras, PCs, and memory cards. Its versatility enhances its overall functionality. 

A 95% Success Rate

This recovery tool is very effective, evident from its 95% data restoration success rate. Rarely will it fail to get your files back, unless in highly complicated situations.

Final Thought

If you are looking for suitable data recovery software, iTop Data Recovery is your best pick. It is very effective with a 95% recovery success rate. Download it to recover deleted files Windows 10 and bid goodbye to data loss.

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Ahsan Khan
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